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Driver training: getting your emotional energy under control

Driver training with Campbell Education is not about learning to drive a car, it is about learning to drive your own body and control your emotions more effectively.

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Driver Training can be a taken as a stand alone course or as the first part of basic training. You can try it on for size and pay a top up fee if you choose to carry on with the course. You will learn

  • what emotional energy is
  • how we use it
  • how to use it using intentional thinking
  • maintaining control throughout the day
  • how to talk about emotional energy

By the end of the hour you will feel calm and in control, and have the skill to choose to stay cool when something challenges you. You will begin to see the world in a new way as you recognise how emotional energy shapes our behaviour and that of people around us.

By using your new driving skills you will go from bumping down the road in first and driving with the break on to smooth clutch control as you put your new knowledge into action. The confidence that comes with knowing that you can stay in control whatever the situation will allow you to relax and enjoy the ride, and you will never look back – except to see less skilful drivers in the rear view mirror.

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