Technical Performance

Welcome to skills training to improve your performance for work, study or other purposes. Free materials are already available in the Library, and are being added as they are developed. You can access some of them here too. Keep an eye open for new materials as they arrive!

What do I do now? (free lesson for people starting out in their careers) can be accessed here.

Learning online
Learning online is the new way of contunuing your education.

Paid online courses

A series of paid online courses and books are in development to help independent learners improve their skills for work and personal learning. These will be advertised as they become available and discussed in the Campbell Education blog.

Courses currently in development cover setting priorities, goal setting, identifying genuine outcomes, defining effective criteria, SMART planning and research methods.

Live Training and Coaching

Live training and coaching with Helen Campbell are already available, and are are aimed at helping you achieve your goals and progress in your chosen activities. You can specify what you would like to learn about in your booking form.

Coaching is a great way to help progress in work, especially when you are starting out or working in high pressure environments. It gives you a private sounding board to help understand or develop soft skills of teamworking and management that are difficult to learn in other ways. Links to Emotional Intelligence courses and coaching are included here, and they can be booked on the course pages.

Performance Training for Emotional Intelligence

Be aware that materials in The Art of Being and Library areas can also contribute to your success, so it is worth having a look.

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