Surviving Bullying: a short course in coping with adult bullying with Emotional Intelligence

Adult bullying is a blight on any organisation

Adults can be bullied at any time, and at any age, and most people have experienced it in person or seen it happen to others. Being bullied is frightening, soul destroying and can ruin careers. It can happen to anyone, and can take many forms, but in general it is people who have not yet developed specific coping skills that are targeted by bullies.

That is not to suggest that it is the fault of the victim that they are victimised, it is not. Victims are blameless in bullying and the fault lies with the bully and with the organisation that accommodates bullying behaviour once it has been flagged. Bullying damages employees in so many ways that permitting it is indefensible, and the tightening of laws of corporate responsibility means that turning a blind eye is no longer an option. Blaming the victim for being bullied, or for reporting the fact, is an abandonment of responsibility and a failure of duty of care.

Being the victim of bullying

Many people are surprised that they are being bullied and it can take some time to recognise what is happening. Recognition is followed by confusion and feelings of hurt. Victims are commonly singled out and isolated in the group, and systematically undermined and demoralised. As they situation deteriorates their ability to cope effectively reduces, the willingness of others to advocate for them tends to decline too, and victims frequently find themselves gaslighted by senior managers and others.

Being the victim is the loneliest place in the world. Every day can turn into a trial of will power and resilience, and without support the large majority of employees will eventually leave their position. Having someone to help at this time cannot necessarily avoid moving on, but the experience of coping and the opportunity to choose next steps is much better with someone on your side to help.

Surviving Bullying

The Surviving Bulling course is a short, targeted program of three hours of live online coaching. Helen Campbell has helped many people coping with bullying and in almost all cases it has been enough to equip them and support them in changing their situation. In exceptional circumstances an additional session has been requested, but this is rarely needed. Having the understanding of what bullying is, the skills to manage the emotional challenges of bullying, and support in developing a strategy is usually all that is needed to break the cycle and change things for the better.

Surviving Bullying is booked through the website at the client’s convenience, and costs £300 for three live hours of coaching. Clients are expected to complete tasks before and after sessions and remain responsible for the application of their new skills.

Bullying is emotional terrorism

Bullying is an emotional offence, and requires an emotional response. The root causes of bullying are emotional, and the effects of the various behaviours of bullying are all aimed at achieving emotional debilitation and domination over the victim and others in the environment. The solution must be emotional too.

Surviving Bullying explains what bullying is and teaches new emotional skills to help deal with the challenges. Advice based on experience and moral support make a huge difference when dealing with a bully, and developing effective strategies for managing change puts the victim back into the driving seat. The option to take further session is always available, but three hours is usually enough. The aim is to leave the client feeling confident and in control.

To discuss whether Surviving Bullying can help, just book a Zoom discovery call and discuss the situation with Helen Campbell.

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