Preferred Professions

Price reductions for public servants

If you are a member of the following professions, and are funding your own training, you can take advantage of the preferred professions tariff. This will give you reductions of at least 20% on standard charges.

  • Teaching and learning support services
  • Nursing and allied services
  • Social work
  • British Armed Services (serving or retired)
  • British Police Service
Public servants paying for their own training? Take a 20% reduction!

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Price reductions for public servants who are paying for their own courses will be at least 20% less than the full list price, and you can use these links to book them. Make sure to tell Helen what you do, and whether you want to focus on emotional health or technical performance, when you book.

Single introductory session for EHT, TPT or teacher supervision. (One hour for £100)

EI Basic Training for EHT, TPT or teacher supervision (three sessions for £240)