The ABC of Emotions

Emotional Health and Wellbeing

A calm and confident young man drinks a cup of coffee on a riverside terrace.  Caption:  ABC: The secret to personal control and confidence.
ABC – the secret to personal control and confidence

The ABC of Emotions is a tried and tested means of improving your Emotional Health and wellbeing. It teaches you to take control of your reactions to the world and choose your responses to events. No more shock and overwhelm, it provides the means to keep cool under pressure and stay in control. You will learn how to create pleasurable and relaxing emotions whenever you need them.

Research has consistently shown that it works. Every participant reports improvements (average of 23% ) only a week after a single session of training. These are reductions in feelings of suffering (stress and anxiety) and improved measures of wellbeing.

The ABC forms the first part of basic emotional health training, but can stand alone as an introduction to gaining control in the moment. You will learn

  • what emotional energy is
  • discover how we use it
  • reconnect with your emotional energy
  • learn to manage a strong energy state in the moment
  • understand that you have choice

After just an hour you will feel calm and in control. You will have a new understanding of how feelings are created and what to do about them. The ability to choose to feel something, or choose not to, will transform your experiences. You will feel better, and be better at feeling, and things that cause you anxiety and concern will no longer be stumbling blocks in your day.

“I didn’t know I was capable of just switching a thought off if I wasn’t happy with it; slowing it down. And I think the training was giving the language, and the permission, to just not do something if you don’t enjoy it, and if it doesn’t make you feel happy. And it sounds so simple, but maybe we need someone to just tell us – it’s okay.”

As you observe with your new understanding you will see emotions all around you and appreciate how just a few changes in the way you think can transform life for the better. If you like the ABC you can pay a top up fee to complete the basic training course.

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