Exploring Bloom’s Taxonomy

What is Blooms Taxonomy?

If you have been in a western school in the past sixty years you will probably have experienced Bloom’s taxonomy, although you may not realise it. It is a framework for teaching thinking and learning designed in the late fifties and sixties, and most teachers have been using it since then.

Free presentation on Bloom's Taxonomy.
Free lesson for adult teachers and learners

But understanding how we learn to think and learn is useful for all adults who have to keep their learning skills on form. The following presentations explore the taxonomy in detail, and offer strategies for teaching (and learning) thinking and learning!

Lower order thinking skills

Bloom’s Taxonomy – To Know

Bloom’s Taxonomy – To Understand

Bloom’s Taxonomy – To Apply

Higher order thinking skills

Bloom’s Taxonomy – To Analyse

Bloom’s Taxonomy – To Evaluate

Bloom’s Taxonomy – To Create

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