Emotional Intelligence and You

Why do I need Emotional Intelligence Training?

Effectively processing emotional reactions and feelings is an essential aspect of learning as an adult. Adults learn from experiences and are affected by them. By understanding the processes of learning, and developing key skills and understanding, you can transform your ability to roll with the punches and learn important lessons from life events. the more you understand how emotions shape and motivate the human world, the more confident you will be in your ability to deal with yourself and other people. Emotional skills training shows you how!

Emotional Intelligence is the name we give to a range of skills to do with understanding, managing, and enjoying life by using your emotions well.  It is a form of meta-cognition – highly advanced thinking that only humans do (not all of them at that).  The great thing about emotional intelligence is that, although we all need it, we can learn.  It is not just the luck of the DNA draw, anyone can develop these skills with just a little expert help and some practice.

Why does Emotional Intelligence (EI) matter?

It was believed that smart people were intellectual.  Intelligence tests were supposed to pick out people most likely to succeed in the professions; people who could be trusted in responsible jobs.  The problem was the results of IQ tests had little accuracy in predicting real success.  More recent research shows that it is not intellect that helps people succeed, it is emotional intelligence (EI) that makes the biggest difference – by a huge amount!  Not having good EI skills can be a disaster!

EI affects you in lots of ways:

  • coping with the daily difficulties of life
  • understanding yourself and feeling comfortable with yourself
  • learning to learn from events and not repeat mistakes
  • your chance of finding your feet in the working world (or any world!)
  • making progress in your career
  • having good relationships in life
  • coping with loss and bereavement
  • raising your children well
  • enjoying quality of life
  • dealing with stress and danger in challenging situations

These are powerfully influenced by your emotional skills, and they affect us all. 

Before you spend a packet on a professional EQ test, save the cash.  Spend it instead on a basic training that teaches you to manage your emotions at the basic energy level.  In the time you could spend thinking about getting a reliable test done you could already have learned practical skills that make a real difference!

“I took the Emotional Intelligence training course with Helen and it has definitely paid off at work and in my personal life. It has taught me how to approach and manage a variety of emotions through simple techniques that anybody is capable of practicing anywhere. Helen is a great teacher, I thoroughly recommend taking one of her courses.” JCM.

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