Professional writing services

Letter writing and copy writing

Constructing letters is an art form, and one that still has value in the world of tweets and emails. Some things are too sensitive, difficult or complicated to say in person, and a well-written letter can carry a clear and unambiguous message on your behalf.

If you need to send a letter for business or personal purposes I can supply a draft letter for you using information you have supplied. CVs, statements, cover letters or personal messages designed to achieve your intended outcomes, you provide the content, and I provide the language. Targeted to your audience, and constructed with emotional intelligence, let written words say what you want people to understand and make them feel the way you want them to feel.

Do you need to recruit support, protest against something you don’t agree with, or ask someone to consider what you are proposing? Persuasive writing and speech writing can be tailored for all situations, just be prepared to give me full details on what you need to be said, and who you are writing to. I will supply a draft copy for you to use or to adapt, as you see fit. A personal and confidential service that will set the tone you require.

Articles and feature writing on Emotional Intelligence

The increase of interest in emotional intelligence brings people searching for information, and Campbell Education can provide articles and copy on emotional intelligence and the Emotional Health Model.

Articles can be general interest or opinion pieces, discussing the topic of EI and Emotional Health in general, or more targeted for specific audiences. For example, I can provide business copy on emotional aspects of business life such as sales or emotionally skilful customer service management on request. I also have experience as an agony aunt!

Requests and an outline of what is required should be directed in the first instance to  

Commissions for short social media articles can be accepted, but Campbell Education do not provide ghost writing services.


Copy prices range from 20p p/w for opinion and general interest writing and 40p p/w for targeted advisory writing and letter writing. The customer assumes ownership of copyright on work once payment has been received, and they remain responsible for the accuracy and impact of any copy writing they use. 

Editing prices upon request.