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What is The Engine House?

The Engine House is a free membership group for existing clients of Campbell Education. It is also the name of the monthly news sheet, which anyone can sign up for.

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Approved members

Engine House sessions are available to people who have already started their training with Campbell Education. Anyone who has completed the introductory hour of training is eligible to take part in group sessions. Training can be in either Emotional Health or Technical Performance skills. Members are able to book live group sessions when they wish to, and can receive extra offers and opportunities.

The introductory hour teaches the essential skills required to do well in a group session. Anyone armed with the introductory skills will be able to follow the instructions in an Engine House workshop. These offer opportunities to practice self-care and will also deliver new content weekly. There is also a Q&A session at the end for those who want to take part.

Being a member

One of the great advantages of Engine House sessions is that they cost a fraction of the cost of one-to-one or Tandem Training (that’s two learners in one session). The introductory price for workshops at the moment is £30, and sessions last for 90 minutes. That’s an unbeatable offer for a unique training! Only Helen Campbell is qualified to deliver Campbell Education training and Engine House sessions.

If you are qualified you can book Engine House Workshop number 1 here.

Number 1 is a decompression session that develops key skills of self-observation and self-care. Learning objectives are to;

  • promote emotional health and wellbeing, and
  • develop self-regulation fundamental to emotional intelligence.

Numbers are limited to six people per session, and bookings must be made at least 24 hours before the session begins. (Doors close ten minutes after commencement, and remain closed during the first phase of training, so don’t be late!)

Qualifying to join

To be able to join you need to have completed a Foundation Course (£95) or just one hour of Basic Training (£130). You can choose between Emotional Health Training (EHT) and Technical Performance Training (TPT). Either will equip you with sufficient skills to cope in group sessions.

Basic training is a three-session course that delivers a toolkit of skills for specific purposes. You don’t have to take all three in one go (although it is cheaper if you do). You can buy the sessions one at a time if you prefer. A Basic Course in EHT or TPT costs £300.

Technical Performance Training (TPT)

Technical Performance Training provides a set of skills to prepare you for the challenges of work. You will be taught emotional intelligence skills for self-management to deal with the present moment, to review and learn from the past, and to plan for the future.

Don’t think school, think driving lessons.  In fact the first session of TPT is called the Driving Lesson.

But there is no Highway code to learn, no theory test, no books, slides or driving tests. You just learn about yourself, and how to operate your own body. Training is intensive, and you can learn the skills you need in just three one-hour sessions.  Just the first session will qualify you to take group sessions. You can book your Driving Lesson here. 

Emotional Health Training (EHT)

Emotional Health Training is deeper and more powerful, and aims to show you how to care for your emotional and mental health. You learn to manage emotions in the moment, those arising from the past, and to plan a life that protects and nurtures your emotional wellbeing.  Again, once you have completed the first session you will be able to take part in group sessions. If you don’t like school, don’t worry. There is no reading, no slideshow, and no exams. It’s more like taking diving lessons than a classroom exercise, but without actually getting wet!

Basic Training in EHT is a three-hour course and costs £300.  You can book a Basic EHT course here.

But you can start with one hour and do it a little at a time (which will make it cost a little more). You can book the first session, called the ABC of Emotions here. Once you have completed the first hour you will be able to book Engine House group workshops.


Live training and coaching with Helen Campbell
Training and Coaching are live!

   If you want to talk to Helen about which is suitable for you, then book a call here. 

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All training and coaching is confidential, and workshops are also strictly confidential. There will be no photography, recording or video – under any circumstances – and attendees must not discuss events outside the sessions. What happens in the room stays in the room!

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