Training Webinars

Free Wednesday Open House

Anyone who wants to know more about EI Training with Campbell Education can book a place on a free Wednesday open house Q&A session. You can ask your question in the booking form or email it to the office. The session is open to anyone and lasts for 30 minutes. You can also request a call back if you need to. See the notice board for details.

Emotional Training Webinar

Training with Campbell education is experiential, and takes place in a guided exploration of your internal world. Anyone who would like to try this form of learning, and experience the changes that ET training can make for them, can enrol with Campbell Education and book a place on a Training Webinar. In this 30 minute session they will be introduced to experiential learning and have a chance to find out whether a further course is for them. Even this short introduction can change the way you experience and understand emotions.

Training Webinars cost £25, and run on a regular basis. There may be only one person on a webinar, but there will not be more than six. A webinar can be scheduled on request for two or more people. Please be aware that all members of the audience need to have enrolled and booked their places.

Why do we have to enrol?

EI training is a psychological intervention, and all attendees must have been assessed for suitability for training and have signed the terms and conditions of service. This is a duty of care issue. You can find the enrolment documents in the office menu and send completed forms to Your enrolment number is required for the booking.

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