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Learning is more fun together!

Introducing – Tandem Training !

There’s nothing better than learning with friends.  That’s why I am currently developing a new service, to offer just that. Tandem Training will allow two friends or colleagues to learn together, with a choice of Emotional Health Training (EHT) or Technical Performance Training (TPT) to develop their skills for work.

Emotional Health Training is deep and relaxing, and teaches you to care for yourself and improve your emotional health and mental wellbeing. Technical Performance Training aims to bring the skills of emotional intelligence to the working world.  Both approaches focus on personal experience and personal development, and both improve your emotional intelligence.

Tandem Training is currently being piloted as a research project to ensure that clients get the best out of the process.  Subject to approval, it will be available to book in November.

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“Happiness is a condition that must be prepared for, cultivated and defended privately by each person. People who learn to control their inner experience will be able to determine the quality of their lives, which is as close as any of us can come to being happy.” M Csikszentmihalyi)

Adult Education is in development

Campbell Education is extending the range of teaching and learning materials for independent learners. A range of free materials is already available in the Library. With the switch to automated registration learners can now have open access to the new Learning Zone. This has been restructured to include three Learning Rooms.

  • Room 1 – Learning to Learn
  • Room 2 – Technical Performance Training and Coaching
  • Room 3 – The Art of Being Healthy and Happy

Each room contains resources and information on courses and live training and coaching. Learners no longer have to enrol or register to access these rooms, and can buy paid products and services directly through the booking links.

Preferred Professions Tariff

Public servants from some professions who are funding their own training and coaching are eligible for discounted rates. This includes teachers and school workers, nurses and hospital staff, members of the British Armed Services and members of the Police Service. Now that booking is direct and automated applicants for the preferred professions tariff should email Admin for the appropriate booking links or find them on the Tariff and Booking Page.

Book a discovery Zoom with Helen

Not sure if independent learning is your thing? Can’t find your answer in the pages? You can book a discovery call with Helen here to talk to her in person.

Executive Coaching is now available on Zoom

Executive Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Wednesday Open House (Free Q&A session)

The Wednesday Open House is a Q &A opportunity for anyone who wants to find out more about emotional intelligence, skills training, emotional health and emotionally intelligent culture. Up to six people can attend and questions can be entered in the booking form or emailed to Campbell Education. This session has been extended to one hour, from 7 to 8pm UK time.Book your free Q&A session here

Suggestions and requests for questions for Wednesday open house can be forwarded to Admin. Please not that this is an account that can be seen by anyone in the office.

Different courses for different purposes

Students have an option between Educational courses, focused on learning skills for independent learning and thinking, or psychological learning services. This is basic and advanced training and coaching for learning technical IE skills. You can choose between skills for improved EI performance or opting for deeper. more energy focussed work to develop your emotional health.

Technical Performance Training (TPT) is EI skills training developed specifically for work, sports or personal life. This style of training uses technical models and starts with Driver Training. (Not driving cars – driving your own body!) Basic training goes on to develop the energy control and decision making skills of an advanced driver.

Emotional Health Training (EHT) may also use technical models, depending on the preference of the client, but focuses on river work and energy management. The work operates at a deep level both retrospectively and in planning, and the aim is to equip you to live a calm and happy life with those you choose to share your life with.

Which course is right for me? If you are not sure, then book an Open House on a Wednesday evening to ask, or a discovery call with Helen, and she will help you decide what your current needs are.

Couples Coaching in Emotional Skills

Couples coaching is now underway and showing excellent results in helping couples work together well. Anyone who would like to know more about learning emotional intelligence skills with a partner should contact the office, or check out the Couples Coaching information page here.

Tariff, services and booking links


Evaluation is always underway and volunteers who are interested in receiving free training in exchange for research data (surveys and an interview) should contact the office for details on current availability. Results of research are used to develop and improve teaching, training and coaching.

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