Exercise Classes for Emotional Skills

Exercise Classes for skill development

For those who would like opportunities to practice and develop their skills, half hour group exercise classes are going to be available from February 2021. These will be available to students who have completed the relevant session in the courses shown below. These are practice classes, not training sessions. Techniques will be explored in more depth, but new techniques are not provided and students can only take a class once the relevant training session has been completed.

BT Emotional HealthTechnical Performance Training
1Swimming lesson
Temperature control
Driving practice
2Toad huntingEngine tuning
3River buildingData management

Exercise Classes will be scheduled periodically and advertised on the website and on LinkedIn. They will cost £25 for 30 minutes and five minutes will be available before and after the class for arrival and goodbyes. Please let me know if you would like me to schedule a particular class at a suitable time of the week. I will schedule a class on request for two or more attendees.