Coaching services for teachers

Coaching can make a huge difference for teachers health and wellbeing, as well as helping develop their teaching practice. Many helping professions take access to independent supervision for granted, but teaching has never seemed to pick up on its advantages.

Campbell Education makes independent emotional skills coaching and supervision available to teachers needing support. It can be purchased privately and in total confidence by teachers, and also be commissioned and funded by schools. Providing supervisory support for teachers protects emotional health and develops emotionally skilled teaching practice.


Emotional coaching for teachers
Helen Campbell supervising and coaching online.  Alex Toft at Photoftgraphy

Emotional coaching for teachers – support and skills when you need it

Teachers endure a terrific burden of job-related pressure and stress. They may appear to be able to cope with anything, when they really need an opportunity to learn advanced skills to care for themselves and to heal. If this continues for an extended time even the most resourceful can crash and burn. It is far better to prevent stress with good training rather than try to cure it.  The personal skills that underpin Emotional Intelligence can help manage the stress and achieve clear and creative thinking under pressure.

Once they have completed a three session course of supervision, which includes Basic Training, teachers or their schools are free to book sessions on an ad hoc basis. Single sessions can be booked at the usual coaching rate or supervision can be booked in packages. 

The Preferred Professions Tariff plus flexible booking

While teaching supervision is some of the most demanding coaching, it is the cheapest in the range (three sessions, including Basic Training, for £240).  This is because Campbell Education is committed to bringing the benefits of supervision to the support of colleagues. Teachers can be given priority for bookings outside school hours and some sessions can be made available to teachers at the weekend.  Training and supervision can be usefully undertaken during school holidays.

Applying psychology to learning

Adult learning relies on both thinking and emotional reflection skills. Emotional Intelligence accelerates and facilitates learning in adults. It is important to stress that having completed the basic or advanced courses, extended coaching or supervision, will not qualify any teacher to deliver psychological coaching.

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