Personal Coaching: learning for real life

Personal Coaching – tackling problems with expert help

Personal coaching online with Helen Campbell
Helen M Campbell Psychologist and personal coach

Personal coaching is all about you.  Coaching clients explore problem issues with support, particularly exploring the emotional elements of the situation.  With the guidance of coach Helen Campbell they learn new skills to improve their understanding and developing strategies to use in daily life. Some clients want an ongoing coaching relationship to help deal with the challenges of their lives, but most problem issues can be dealt with effectively in just three hours.

Learn more about short term intervention coaching.

Personal coaching can make even the big problems easier to tackle. Topics that have been covered in the past include:

  • Coping with stressful situations
  • Developing excellent learning skills
  • Learning new management skills
  • Coping with bullying at work
  • Coping with stressful occupations
  • Raising teenagers
  • career review and refocussing

Book a discovery call if you think that a short course of intervention coaching could be helpful for you. Or email Helen at You don’t have to struggle on alone with a coach to help.

Help! I think I am being bullied!

If you feel you may be being bullied and need help with dealing with this more effectively, click the link here

Coaching for personal development

Professional and private clients can choose to use coaching to develop their emotional Intelligence. They can still choose between taking a Technical Performance or Emotional health approach, or focus on their own issues. Clients completing Basic Training continue their learning in coaching sessions. The difference between training and coaching is that learning happens while tackling real situations from their own experience.

Private and confidential help when you really need it

This confidential service is helpful in times when everyone around you has a point of view or a vested interest. This is especially valuable when working in stressful or competitive professional environments. In roles where it is important to develop and manage other people having a confidential ear to share with and learn from can be a game changer. A short course of training may provide a range of useful skills, but coaching enables clients to unpack a situation and gain a deeper insight into what is happening and how things can be managed. Sessions can be booked individually or as a package once approved by the coach.

Is coaching for everyone?

It is important to recognise that coaching is not therapy. Being stressed and worried is not a bar to coaching, but you need to be able to cope with life in general to cope with coaching. If you are really struggling, or have certain types of diagnosis, you will not be suitable for coaching. You can talk to Helen Campbell about how developmental coaching could help you on a discovery call, or send her an email and she will get in touch. Email:

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