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Existing students and graduates of Basic courses will find information on advanced training and access the password protected student page below.

Notice Board

Link to the Campbell Education Notice Board here.

Free Open Learning Resources

A chalkboard notice offering 'Free Stuff' from Campbell Education.

Access the free information on emotional intelligence and related learning resources provided by Campbell Education, here.

Open House Wednesday (Free)

In this live session guests can learn more about adult learning and emotional skills training free of charge – just book a place and ask a question.

Numbers in this live session may vary between 1 and 6 so there is going to be time to answer your question. You can make sure you get an answer if you put your question in with your booking. The Open House is from 7 to 8.00 pm UK time. Anyone can come, simply book in the link, here.

Advanced Training

Advanced training is available for clients who have completed basic training and are interested in taking their personal journey further. Advanced training is delivered in a coaching format (students have input) but charged at standard training rates. This training involves deep level energy work and clients wishing to undertake advanced training must do so with the agreement of Helen Campbell. As usual, clients are not required to share personal information or events, but are free to do so in coaching if they choose to. As ever, all coaching is confidential.

Graduate EI Student Page

Enrolled learners can access the student page here to access courses and classes available to graduates of basic training. Contact the office if you are a former student and need the password.

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