Tariff for services and booking links

Emotional Skills Training and Coaching are live!

Live training and coaching with Helen Campbell
Training and Coaching are live!

Training and coaching with me is live. These are not pre-recorded video webinars, but live Zoom sessions. They are not accessible or available outside the allotted time and failure to attend will not make clients eligible for a refund. 

Booking direct

Bookings can now be made direct on the scheduler without enrolment in advance. Learners will have to make a declaration of their wellbeing and fitness for training, but anyone wishing to discuss this before booking is welcome to contact me for a chat to check that they are ready for the challenge of training and coaching.

Please read the terms and conditions before booking.   Completing the booking will require you to agree to be bound by them. Terms-and-conditions-for-accessing-services-with-campbell-education. 

All training and coaching booked through the Tariff or Bookings pages are payable in advance.

Emotional Intelligence Skills Training

ABC of Emotions or Driver Training ( 1 hour) £130

Basic E Health Training   (includes ABC) (3 hours) £300

Basic Performance Training(includes Driver Training) (3 hours) £300

Basic Training top-up fee (2 hours) £ 200

Emotional Training Webinar                                (30 minutes) £25

Personal Development Coaching

Developmental Coaching Session                               (1 hour) £150    

Developmental Coaching Package (3 hours) £400

Surviving Bullying Coaching Course (3 hours) £300C

Couples Coaching        (2 individual hours and 2 hours for a couple) £700

Other options for existing clients

Prepaid Coaching Session (60 minutes) £0

Quick Question or mini-consultation (15 minutes) £25

Exercise Class (existing clients group session) (30 minutes) £25

Zoom in to discover more

Zoom discovery call (15 – 30 minutes) £0

Afternoon Tea (30 minutes) £0

Wednesday Open House Q&A (30 minutes) £0

Services to Schools

Educational Supervision Session (1 hour) £100 Supervision package (3 hours) £240

School Classroom Zoom Call (one Zoom call – one classroom – 1 hour) £200

The Preferred Professions Tariff

A minimum 20% reduction for preferred professions

Please make sure you include your profession on the application if you are:

  • a teacher or educational support worker
  • a social worker or foster parent
  • a nurse or associated health worker
  • a British Police officer
  • if you are currently serving, or have served, in the British Armed Services

If in doubt, please contact the office for clarification. Campbell Education reserves the right to charge the standard rate, and to offer the PP tariff at their discretion.

SOS training (Survival of Stress) (1 hour) £80

ABC of Emotions or Driver Training PP (1 hour) £100

Basic Training ((Performance or E Health Training) (3 hours) £240

Basic Training top-up fee (2 hours) £200

Prices correct April 2024.

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