1. Psychological Training for Emotional Intelligence skills
  2. Technical Performance Training (TPT)
  3. Emotional Health and Wellbeing (EHT)
  4. Personal Development Coaching
  5. Corporate Training in Emotional Intelligence Skills
  6. Exploring Emotional Intelligence

1 Psychological Training for Emotional Intelligence skills

Psychological Training shows you how to operate your mind and body in new and surprising ways. Learners are astonished to discover how easily and rapidly they can take control of their emotional reactions. You already have the mechanisms in place, and everything we do is natural and simple to learn. You will feel positive benefits within an hour of starting your training. Where and how far you take it from there is limited only by your own imagination.

If you wish to try a little training before committing to a course you can. Dip a toe in the water with a 30 minute training taster or a webinar. These small group sessions run periodically, and introduced some of the key concepts of training and a simple emotional control technique. Contact the office by email for check the notice board in the Library for details of upcoming sessions or to book a taster session.

You can book courses through the relevant pages below. Links to terms and conditions and for booking are included on each service page and in The Learning Zone.

2 Technical Performance Training (TPT)

Let’s get technical!

People spend a lifetime learning emotional control. Technical Performance Training teaches you the basics of energy control in just a few hours. You will be astonished how easy it can be to take control of your emotional engine and exercise choice. In just one session you will be feeling relaxed and in control. You can opt to take an introductory course of Driver Training – or dive right in and go for Basic TPT to make you an advanced driver.

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3 Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Emotional Health Training starts with the ABC!

Emotional training is a tried and tested means of improving your Emotional Health and wellbeing. The ABC of Emotions forms the first part of Basic Emotional Health training, but it can stand alone as an introduction to gaining emotional control in the moment. If you like the approach you can pay a top up fee to convert to the full three hour course.

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4 Personal Development Coaching

Life is a learning experience!

Coaching is training plus. Working with your coach you can bring your own issues and problems to the sessions and explore them with professional help. Whether you want to get an edge for work, are coping with bullying or unsure of what to do about something, or wish to achieve the best you possible, it’s all about equipping you and supporting you in your journey. You need to be enrolled with Helen to access coaching services, but information on how to do this is available on the relevant pages.

Surviving Bullying

Bullying is rampant in our culture. If you think you are being bullied, you will find a coaching course to help you deal with it here.

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Couples coaching

Learning together
Learning together is a great way to find understanding!

Couples coaching is an option for couples seeking to develop or deepen their emotional relationship together. Although the initial course is for 4 sessions, couples can book additional sessions at will, and may attend in a couple or as an individuals. It’s a great way to start out on a new journey together. This a good choice for developing parenting skills and creating an emotionally intelligent home to raise children. Happy is the child with emotionally competent parents. 

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5 Corporate Training in Emotional Intelligence Skills

Emotional intelligence in business is the key to success!

We all want to employ staff who are well developed and emotionally intelligent. The speed and effectiveness of EI training with Campbell Education means that you can equip staff with a shared language and skills to manage emotions in the workplace faster than ever before. For details on how emotional training can transform business click on the link below.

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6 Exploring Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence gives us a new set of skills to learn – starting here!

A range of learning resources are available in the Library if you would like to explore the Campbell Education approach to emotional intelligence. Training is secular, non-invasive and private. It does not require the exposure of private, personal information and the whole object is to put learners in control. Just reading about it will show you that having good EI skills is worth the time to learn more.

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