Emotional Health and Wellbeing

What is Emotional Health?

Health is not just freedom from disease or injury; people who enjoy emotional health:-

  • have the energy they need for life
  • have resources and skills to cope with life’s challenges
  • demonstrate resilience and flexibility
  • past events are not a problem for them
  • analyse events, take the learning and let go of the pain
  • read and understand emotional situations
  • interpret people’s behaviour and motives
  • make good decisions and set effective boundaries
  • control events and protect their wellbeing
  • cooperate with people with fewer skills without risk

Like all other forms of health, emotional health results from achieving a balance between internal and external processes. These are you internal health and your emotional wealth.

The Campbell Education model of Emotional Health

The internal processes of emotional health are your personal emotional intelligence skills; the ability to understand, manage and care for your emotional energy. Having well developed personal skills equips you to participate in the emotional economy in which we all live.

The emotional economy is founded on a process of exchanges, of give and take. Lots of things can give you a lift, and people can be especially inspiring and uplifting, but they can also be depressing and draining. Understanding how the physical and human environment affects us and achieving a working balance of incomings and outgoings is the key to achieving emotional wealth.

People who have learned very few emotional skills will find achieving internal health and emotional wealth very difficult, and tend to rely on others to provide these basic needs for them. Like children they can be costly to everyone else’s wellbeing until they learn the basics of civilized behaviour. Many people who cause problems in the world simply have not developed emotionally.

How do I get Emotionally Healthy?

Emotional Health is the right of every person, and is not dependent on other people, or on luck, but on skills. Learning to understand, manage and care for your emotional energy is the fastest way to become healthy, and a course of Emotional Health Training will provide the basics to do that. Hard times will be no less demanding, but with good emotional skills you can cope with them better, and you tend to make fewer costly mistakes when you understand yourself and others well. We may not all be millionaires, but we can all be emotionally wealthy when we make decisions, friendships and choices that are emotionally intelligent. You will be amazed at fast things can change.

“I think it’s having a permission and a language, it’s like a lightbulb moment, it flicks something and you are, “Oh, yeah! That makes complete sense! Why have I never viewed it that way before?” It’s like flicking a switch, it really is.” NN, Kent.

For more information on Emotional Health and Wealth anyone can book a free Wednesday webinar, or book a discovery audio call to talk to Helen Campbell about how training might help them. Links are provided on the bookings page.

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