PTSD Training Evaluation – Campbell Education Research 2024

Training evaluation for Emotional Health Training (EHT)

Training evaluation this year focuses on the use of EHT for people suffering with PTSD.

Volunteers will be able to access training free of charge, and will be able to choose between taking one session, or opting for three sessions and completing Basic Emotional Health Training.

Learning online
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What is involved

Participants in the training evaluation will be asked to complete an application form and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of Campbell Education. They will have to confirm that they are currently well and able to make decisions for themselves when they book their sessions.

Once accepted, they will be asked to follow the standard protocol. They will have direct contact with Helen during the research procedure by text.

  • week 1: complete survey and submit to the office
  • week 2: take the first training session
  • week 3: complete and return the survey a second time
  • week 4: a short recorded interview with Helen Campbell.

This year volunteers can opt to take two further weekly sessions.

  • week 4: second training session
  • week 5: third training session
  • week 6: survey number three
  • week 7: a short recorded interview with Helen Campbell.

They will be invited to join a WhatsApp group once they have completed their training. This will be an opportunity to stay in touch, and support one another in continuing their development if they choose.

Who will do the training?

Training will be provided by Helen M Campbell. GBPsS. MSc (Psych) Psychology of work and health. MA Ed (Open) Lifelong learning. She is the developer of Emotional Health Training and is the only person qualified and licensed to deliver it at present. Find out more about her on LinkedIn.

Helen M Campbell MBPsS
Helen M Campbell. MBPsS

What will it cost?

Training evaluation happens every year, and is free for volunteers. The standard price of short form training is £130, and full Basic Training is usually charged at £300.  There is no charge for research participants.

Who is eligible to volunteer?

Volunteers must be:

  • Over 18 and diagnosed with PTSD which is under control
  • In good general health
  • Able to cope with daily life and make their own decisions
  • They must not be using alcohol while participating in the study.

They will need access to a phone and to be able to access Zoom conference calls in a private place. Pets are not helpful in sessions, so please shut them in another room during training. And remember, no recording is permitted of any kind, other than by Helen Campbell in the interview sessions.

Emotional Health Training is not therapy, and does not replace therapy. Helen may discontinue the training process at any time if she feels that it is best for the client.

What will happen to the data?

The results of the study are for the purposes of training evaluation, and to improve services. All participant data is coded and handled in confidentiality. Participants may be asked for permission to share content from the interviews for educational or market purposes, but will be able to specify if and how this will be used.

All data is kept in-house, and confidential data is available only to Helen. No data is shared with any other organisation, other than providers in the process of delivering services. These are Calendly (scheduling), WhatsApp and BT (communications), Hiscox (insurance) and Zoom (meeting delivery).

Will the research be published?

PTSD Training evaluation is for development purposes within Campbell education only. Data will only be used in communications with participant permission, and participants may withdraw from the study at any time.

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