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Basic Technical Performance Training

Basic Technical Performance Training is three hour introduction to emotional intelligence. It is a how-to-do-it course to advanced driving, not of a motor car, but of your own body and mind. These are all the skills you need to be effective in your work, your leisure activities, and in your private life.

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Starting with (or building on) the introduction of Driver Training you will go deeper to learn about how your engine operates and how to clean it up and fine tune it. Good personal care is essential for getting the very best out of yourself, and as you do the work you will see that things that have been problems in the past can quickly be sorted out. Emotional control is all about decision making and you will learn how to sort through old events and make decisions on them that free up your capacity to enjoy other things. You will learn

  • Driver Training
  • How to clean up and tune your emotional engine
  • How to order and manage your emotional memory
  • How to share the road with other drivers more effectively

You will rapidly feel more in control, have the means to maintain that in daily life, and understand how energy is affected throughout the day. You will be able to exercise choice in your responses to challenging situations and no longer feel overwhelmed or over-react. The difference in your personal wellbeing will be remarkable.

People will quickly recognise that you have changed in some way. Your relationships will be easier and more satisfying as you relax into them with new understanding. You will see an improvement in your ability to engage with challenge and deal with obstacles creatively. As your skills develop people will begin to come to you for advice on emotional impacts and solutions. You will wonder why you did not learn these things earlier (everybody asks that).

Training shows you how to do it, but you will not be asked to discuss anything private or personal other than what is happening right now. Anything you choose to share will be treated as confidential.

To help develop your skills after training you can book a mini consultation with Helen to get specific guidance on how to use your new skills, or get her help with a tricky exercise. You could also book onto an exercise class to practice and work on fine tuning your performance. Like using your muscles, the more you practice, the sooner your ability to do it automatically will develop. As a graduate of a basic course you will be able to book advanced courses to continue your development.

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