SOS Training

SOS – I am stressed!

Personal Coaching, help when you need it.
At times we all need a helping hand to survive stressful situations. SOS Training can help tackle those overwhelming feelings – fast!.

SOS Training helps you survive and thrive when life is threatening to drown you.

We all experience times like that, and we learn from them. In future we will know what to do a little better. Surviving stress is a skill.

But what if you could learn what to do now, fast, and feel better immediately?

Feel better immediately

“Helen taught me how to enter a P1 state, at will. This means I can actually request a certain state of calm from my entire body, nervous system and hormones, at will. It took a few minutes to get it to work, but OMG it was wonderful. The result is far better control over my mind and body. I now use it all the time and in both work and home it has proven highly effective.”

SOS Training teaches you a completely new approach to understanding what emotions are.

You will not have heard of it before unless you have had Campbell Education training. (And if you have – you will not be needing SOS Training!)

Helen has been developed her training and coaching systems for over 25 years and her work is unique. You won’t find it elsewhere, and nobody else is currently qualified to train with her techniques. She aims to give you the key skills to take control of your emotional energy and feel great, even when the world is not.  It’s so easy you will wonder why.

“The things Helen teaches you are so easy you wonder why you didn’t know them already. When you do things you have been struggling with get stupidly easy. Everyone needs to learn these things, especially parents.” TY, Delaware.

SOS is an immediate intervention to help you get back in control, and stay that way. It provides a set of techniques that get you started on feeling better.  The aim is to get your head above water, and get you swimming again, feeling great! 

Training – not therapy

SOS Training for surviving stress is not therapy. If you have long term problems that mean you cannot cope with normal daily life, you need a therapist to help you recover. Then you can come back to learn the skills of the Survival of Stress course. Campbell Education recommends Lisa Murphy if you are looking for a good online therapist.

Training is about new skills and understanding. With a completely different view of what stress is, and a set of skills to give you back your confidence, you won’t look back.

What is stress training like?

SOS Training is easy and enjoyable. In a very short time you will be feeling much better, and your new understanding will give you the means to stay that way.

If you are ready to book an SOS session all you need to do is click the link to book, choose a time to suit you, and turn up on a Zoom call. You won’t need paper or pens, and you won’t be sharing the session with anyone else. It is private, confidential, and nothing is recorded. Just you in a live call with Helen Campbell, who will explain what you need to know, and show you how to do it.

You can expect to close the session feeling great, and most clients report sleeping like a baby the night after training. Helen will show you how to do that.

Employers can help fund SOS training, but will not be privy to information about the client, the course, or their training experience.  

Public servants can pay for their own training

Some people do stressful work every day. Campbell Education offers a Preferred Professions Tariff for people who work hard on our behalf. If you are a teacher or teaching support worker, a nurse or HCA, social worker, police officer, or a serving or retired member of the British Armed Services, you can book a reduced rate session here.  

Contact or book

Contact the office by email, or book a quick Zoom chat with Helen for more guidance on whether SOS training is for you.

Please enquire about rates for people in public services, or for local rates for people who live within 5 miles of NN1.

Why wait to become stressed? Prevention is better than cure!

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