Room 1 – Learning to Learn

Free learning for you to explore.

This room is for adults who want to improve their learning skills, or those of other people. It contains free learning materials and will soon be an access point for paid online courses.

What is knowledge?

We all know what knowledge is – don’t we? Well knowledge includes a great deal of possible information, from the ability to recognise and appreciate something to the expert knowledge of how it is made, how to evaluate it and how to recreate it. This presentation shows some of the things you may need to learn to do to really know a subject well.

What do you know about Chocolate.

What is Knowledge (1)

Bloom’s Taxonomy

What is Bloom's Taxonomy?
Presenting the framework of Western education

If you have been in formal education in the last 50 years you will have experienced Bloom’s Taxonomy, even if you were not aware of it. It is the framework that has informed most ‘western education’ since the sixties. Teachers use it to teach children to think, but the processes are just as useful for adults, and the better you understand them, the easier it is to use them. You can access a whole series of PDF presentations exploring Bloom here.

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