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Learning is easiest when you are happy. Emotional skills training can give you the tools to feel good, whatever is happening around you.

Who taught you to be happy?

Who taught you to be happy, to think, and to understand your feelings? Emotional skills training can show you how.

Although babies are learning experts, no baby is born with the skills or knowledge to work their way through tricky problems. Especially the painful ones you don’t even want to think about.  We learn these things as we grow, and the sooner we learn them, the better!

If you haven’t learned emotional skills yet – it may just be time to update them!  Don’t think school – think training with a specialist coach. You will learn tips, tricks and techniques, and new knowledge that changes the way you understand the world.

Protecting your emotional and mental health

Good skills protect you from anxiety and equip you to cope with challenging people and events. Knowing how to handle yourself skilfully and well, to perform better, and to be happy. Would that be useful for you? The good news is that you can learn emotional skills in training at any age. And going to an expert means you learn correctly and quickly. Things that can take a lifetime to discover (if you ever do) can be learned in a few hours in emotional skills training.

“I took the Emotional Intelligence training course with Helen and it has definitely paid off at work and in my personal life. It has taught me how to approach and manage a variety of emotions through simple techniques that anybody is capable of practicing anywhere. Helen is a great teacher, I thoroughly recommend taking one of her courses.” JCM.

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Helen M Campbell

Helen M Campbell MBPsS preparing for an Emotional Skills Training session.

“When you are able to manage yourself and your emotions, you are able to manage most things. Emotional skills training gives you that control.“   Helen M Campbell

Helen M Campbell, MBPsS

Training and Coaching with Helen Campbell

“Life is hard. It can feel like a long, uphill battle with a few days off.”

Training and coaching with Helen is not like therapy.  EI training is all about getting it right and avoiding problems in the future!

By learning personal skills that enhance your natural learning ability, you can accelerate your thinking, and become more confident and adaptable. New situations and challenges become easier to manage. And you discover just how easy it can be to deal with difficult feelings and situations that might have held you back in the past.

Training happens over a Zoom call, and you can book the sessions to suit your own timetable. All training is live, there is not a video lecture in sight, and there is no reading or note taking, no quizzes or exams.  All you have to do is show up, be ready to listen and learn, and a have a learning experience that has more in common with a driving lesson than a stuffy death-by-slideshow! It’s easy, enjoyable, and is all about making you feel great!

Investing in yourself

Investing in developing yourself is money well spent, and you won’t find training like this elsewhere.  Helen’s work is based on over twenty years of research and practice, and nobody else is licenced to teach or promote her methods. She is a skilled and experienced psychologist and teacher, and her aim is to help you enjoy life more, and to suffer less.

If you know that your mental or emotional health could be improved, then you are in the right place.  You decide whether being deeply well and happy, or developing the emotional intelligence skills that will help you perform at work, are most important to you.  Both kinds of training teach you key skills for life. You learn to understand yourself better, to have self-control and feel comfortable, and deal with the challenges of living and working with other people.

“This is definitely one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my life. I sincerely hope people find the strength and opportunity to seek help and change. We deserve peace and energy for ourselves. Highly recommended!!!” PT, NYC

New skills for the 21st century

The 21st century is more connected, technical, and reactive, than ever before. Work is changing, AI is removing the basic, info shuffling roles of the past. The roles now being developed require a new and diverse skill set. Click here for an outline of the new skills needed to work in the new economy.

People who do well, not just financially or socially, but in feeling successful, have emotional intelligence. This helps them to understand and manage the pace of change.  They are fast, effective and emotionally literate learners.  They have emotional and social intelligence that allows them to survive and thrive in a challenging global environment.

Emotional intelligence involves a range of capacities, but the most important are self-awareness and self-control.  Helen Campbell focuses on developing these personal skills to unlock the potential of learners and introduce them to new ways of understanding the social environment.

But this learning doesn’t happen from reading a book. With Campbell Education EI is learned in live coaching in a process of experimental learning. It’s for people who want to achieve success.

Is that you?

Skills for good health (Emotional Health Training)

Training with Helen involves getting to know, and to be at peace, with your own body. How do you deal with feeling nervous, stressed, or afraid? Learning to understand and deal with those feelings, easily and quickly, are the keys to success in achieving health and wellbeing. Find more information on the Campbell Education model of emotional health here.

Emotional Health Training (EHT) delivers new skills to help in living peacefully and with a sense of self control.  A three-hour Basic EHT course will give you essential skills you need for a happy, healthy, and effective life.  You can find out more detail about EHT Basic training here. You will wonder why you have never heard of it before.

Take a first step

If you want to climb out of a rut, step up on the ladder, or improve your mental and emotional wellbeing, your first step is to improve your skills.

We should think of emotion as the engine house of our life. It is the energy that moves us – literally E-motion – energy in motion.

Changing your world on the outside starts with changing your inner environment.  Once you feel confident inside, outside becomes much easier to cope with. Campbell Education focuses on developing people in a healthy and happy way.  That doesn’t involve therapy, it is based on developing learning natural thinking and feeling skills, specifically on teaching personal emotional intelligence.

If you are ready to explore yourself in more depth, contact us now. You can email, or book a discovery call, or look at the course directory for a range of different services to meet your personal needs.

Or explore the Learning Zone and the Library for free resources to educate and inform you in your own learning quest.

If you know that you could benefit from improving your ability to cope, problem-solve and enjoy life, sign up for a course of basic training, and get ready to rocket fuel your skills!

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Find out more about Basic Training

Basic training takes place over three Zoom calls which you book on the scheduler to suit your timetable.  Just click on a link and you will be taken directly to the correct page.

Courses are payable at the time of booking, and you can select between skills for good health and skills for work.  Both courses effectively enhance emotional intelligence.

Session 1 will focus on coping in the moment.  You will be shown a new way of understanding what emotion is and taught to manage your emotional reactions in new and surprising ways.  Clients typically feel much lighter, more relaxed, and happier by the end of the very first session. You will also be able to book cost effective workshops with this hour under your belt.

Session 2 looks at tackling events from the past using simple techniques and logical decision making.  You will be focussing on the activity of your nervous system, not on the stories of your life, so training is completely private and confidential.  Helen doesn’t need to know anything you would prefer to keep private. She is just going to show you how to feel more skilfully.

The final session is concerned with future events.  It looks and boundaries and goals – helping you make the internal decisions that help make life the way you want it to be.

Advanced coaching is available subject to agreement, but only when basic emotional skills training has been completed.

Booking your course

Booking is easy, and payments are made securely through Calendly using Stripe. Campbell Education does not have access to your payment details and does not share data with other organisations.

You select to focus on emotional health or skills for work. Both will improve your emotional intelligence. If you can’t decide which is the better path for you, contact Helen by email, or book a discovery call, and she will help you choose.

You will need to be over 18, and to be capable of coping with normal daily life.  Training and coaching are not therapy. If you are struggling to cope at the moment, then it is better to get the help you need first.  You can always come back for training when you are feeling better.


The price of a basic training course is currently £300. That entitles clients to three one-hour sessions of live coaching with Helen. If you want to try it first to see if it suits you you can. Booking the first hour independently costs £130. You can top up to finish the course for £200.

Public servants who are funding their own training can take advantage of a Preferred Professions (PP) tariff that gives a 20% reduction. Contact the office if you are a teacher, nurse, social worker, police officer, or a current or retired member of the armed services. If in doubt, please ask. Emotional skills training can really help in a challenging career.

Anyone who has completed the initial session of basic training is eligible to book weekly Engine House workshop sessions. These last between 60 and 90 minutes, and currently cost just £30. It’s a great way to practice your skills and continue your emotional skills training.

Other services

  • Tandem Training (learning with friend or colleague
  • Couples coaching
  • Coping with Bullying
  • Short term problem focused coaching
  • Corporate training
Helen Campbell on an emotional skills training call.

“Book a chat with me to find out more.  You have nothing to lose but your preconceptions, and nothing beats having the confidence you need to face the world! “

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