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Campbell Education offers a range of learning materials and courses for adult learners wishing to continue their growth as independent learners.

This includes a unique technical training in emotional intelligence. Developed by Helen Campbell; it is a how-to training in effective in thinking and feeling skills. In exclusive training and coaching she teaches you to understand and use your nervous system in ways most people will never learn.

Helen M Campbell

Training provides the toolkit we all need for life. You will be surprised by how easy it is to learn skills you never knew existed.

Working on your work skills or on your health? What is your priority?

What matters most to you, performance for work or study, or investing in your personal health and wellbeing? Whichever you choose you are learning essential skills to create a happy outcome for yourself.

You can access lessons and courses in a range of aspects of learning to suit every pocket (even empty ones). You will find open learning materials in the Library that anyone can read, or enrol with Campbell Education to access the Learning Zone. Here enrolled learners can access free learning materials, paid online courses and live training and coaching in Emotional Intelligence skills.

Mission and Ethos

Most mental suffering is a personal experience that can be changed (and even eliminated) with education and good emotional skills.

Helen M Campbell has been studying, researching, training and coaching in emotional intelligence for over twenty years. Unlike many forms of EI training Helen’s method works at the most basic level of energy and the nervous system. A combination of mental and emotional exercises makes the system fast and powerfully effective. Nobody deserves to suffer, and skills training can help reduce suffering.

Campbell Education aims to:-

  • equip learners with the skills they need to live more confident and satisfying lives
  • promote and foster emotional health and wellbeing
  • work towards the development of emotionally intelligent culture

News and Reviews

News and current events can be found on the Notice Board or sign up for monthly Newsletter here. A range of literature and videos are available in the Library.

Testimonials and comments from previous clients and research participants are available across the site, or you can view them here.

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