Basic EI Training for Parents

Emotional intelligence for parents

“Happy is the child with emotionally intelligent parents.”

Being a parent is the steepest learning curve most people will ever experience. Nothing fully prepares you for it, and nothing is ever the same afterwards. Anxiety, exhaustion, and constant pressure from external voices; it can feel like running a marathon in a minefield.

Mother and daughter
Parenthood – the greatest challenge!

Basic EI Training can help cope with the pressure, understand the new dynamics of the family, and develop a valuable set of skills for life.  Not only will you be skilled in self management and self care, you will be able to teach these critical skills to your children!

Personal skills for life

EI training gives parents a set of new personal skills that few people get to enjoy. Using these skills they will feel better than they have in the past, and can stay that way. They will share a new understanding of what emotion is, and a new language to talk about it. Family life will run smoothly, and they will have a unique set of skills to pass on to their children.

Emotional intelligence is increasingly recognised as an important factor in success in many areas of life. We all aspire for our children to be happy. But do we realise that the ability to understand and manage their feelings, and create happiness, are vital skills for life?

Happy girl
Happiness is an art!

Teaching children emotional skills

Basic EI training for parents aims to provide adults with a set of sophisticated emotional skills that are dramatically effective.

What Helen teaches seems so simple you wonder why you didn’t know it already. But once you do things that seemed difficult get stupidly easy. Everyone needs to know these things – especially parents.” TY, Delaware

In three one-hour live sessions clients learn how to understand emotion in a new way, create positive emotional states, and stop negative feelings and mental processes. Using painless techniques, we learn to look back at a painful past and dispose of unnecessary and unhelpful memories. And looking ahead, we explore rule setting and boundary setting that really works. Not only will parents feel well and in control. Their children will grow up in a structured and controlled environment where they can thrive.

“I’ve struggled with psychological issues for 15+ years, there are things I knew that may be wrong but quite clueless about how to deal with. There were many things (therapy, medication, etc) that I’ve tried but the effect was not significant or long-lasting enough. I was really surprised at how simple yet profound the techniques Helen taught were. Just after the first session, my spouse and I both noticed a big change in how I view myself and deal with certain emotions that haunted me previously. It is an understatement to say that the quality of my personal life has improved tremendously (and immediately). This is definitely one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my life.” PT. NYC

Training – not therapy

Basic EI training for parents is not a form of therapy, and is not suitable for people who are unable to cope with daily life. It is an educational process very much like learning to drive. No books, no reading, just discovery and practice. You can learn a set of key skills in just three hours. And if you want to learn with your partner, you can save £200 by taking your training in tandem. The results of tandem training for couples are even better than single training, so it’s a win all round.

And the biggest winners of all will be your children.

Making a change with EI training

Whether you want to prepare yourself for parenthood, improve your existing skills, or need help taming your teen, EI training could be just what you need. For more information you can contact the office, or book a discovery call with Helen Campbell if you have any concern about your suitability for training.

Ready to go?

If you are ready to go ahead, you can book your course and schedule your session here. The following buttons will take you to the booking page to make your first appointment and make your payment with Stripe. Sessions two and three will be made using a link provided when you commence your training. Please check the terms and conditions before you make a payment.

Tandem Training

If you and your partner would like to learn together, you need to both book a seat in the same session. You will both go through an automated registration process, and make two separate payments of £250 at the time of booking. This is an essential part of the recording process for due professional diligence, so please excuse the inconvenience. Please make sure that you both book the same session!


“I would say it is life changing actually. Something so simple in theory; it does change the way you act in a situation. It can completely change the way the situation is going to go as well. … So it’s really important and yes – life changing.” Research participant 2020.

Undecided? That’s okay. You need to feel ready to undertake this kind of psychological training. If you need some time to think about it – just bookmark this page. You will know when you are ready.

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