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What do I do now? Free lesson for assessing your current situation.

It’s a tough time to be starting out. It’s also a tough time to find yourself at a standstill through unemployment or change of circumstances. How do you set out on a journey when you don’t know where you are going? You start by finding out where you are.

This lesson aims to help young people (of all ages) take stock and identify their current position. People who work consistently on their personal development ask themselves these questions on a regular basis. Why not invest a few hours in thinking things through, and identifying the possibilities?

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What is lifelong Learning?

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What is Bloom’s taxonomy?

What is Emotional Intelligence?

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The Campbell Education approach to Emotional Intelligence

Helen Campbell on a client call.
A friendly smile will always welcome you to live training with Helen Campbell.

Helen Campbell is an independent psychologist offering training and coaching in the practical skills that underpin emotional intelligence. The following documents introduce the concepts and philosophy of Campbell Education Emotional Training.

As with any area of psychology, a room with ten people will have ten different takes on any issue. These pages do not set out to deliver academic training or set a definitive standard. This is the approach used in training with Helen Campbell. Treat it as a series of essays or an ebook, and if you need some explanation or want to ask questions, just get in touch.

What is Emotional Intelligence, and why does it matter?

What is Emotional Skills Training?

How does Skills Training work?

What is experiential learning?

What to expect when you apply for training.

What is Emotional Health?

Bullying: breaking the pattern of emotional terrorism.

What is an Emotionally Intelligent Culture?

What is the difference between EI, EQ and Emotional Literacy?

Training or coaching; which is the best way for me to learn emotional skills?

Career Management: How to survive and thrive in the modern working world.

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