Training or Coaching, which is the best way for me to learn emotional skills?

Campbell Education started off with group training courses and personal development coaching in and around Northampton, England. Then came Covid! The pandemic has closed the opportunity for live training courses at the moment, but hopefully this will change as we emerge from the lockdown chrysalis.

Emotional Training has been transformed!

The shift to online services has transformed training. The results of ongoing evaluations show that the new format training processes are an efficient, cost effective way of learning emotional skills fast. A short course can give learners a grounding and skill set that will set them up for life. Most significantly, training is now going on all around the globe!

Clients can choose to work on their skills for work (Technical Performance Training) or can work on their personal health and wellbeing (Emotional Health Training). It is perfectly possible to do both, and long term clients will work on both of these areas of development.

Training is live – not pre-recorded!

Unlike many online courses, learners do not receive a link to a previously recorded lesson. The link they receive will put them face to face with me, Helen Campbell, for an hour of live face to face learning. For most people this is the first time we meet, which is why I like to make it easy to say hello in advance on a Wednesday. It can also help to make sure you are comfortable with the login process. There is no charge for open sessions on a Wednesday and anyone can book a seat, subject to numbers. The Open House Q&A is a great time to ask me a question about emotional intelligence issues or find out whether TPT is EHT is right for you. Here is the link if you want to join me for an Open House at 7pm London time on a Wednesday.

What is the difference between coaching and training?

Training is a set of fast-paced, content-led sessions that deliver skills for use in daily life. Although it is all about the learner’s inner world, it is not about their problems. They have little input and simply follow my guidance as I lead them through the learning process. Like a driving instructor, I show them how to use their mind and body more effectively. They are trusted to go away and put those skills to work. While they can always stay in touch and ask questions in the future, book an exercise session or take coaching to develop new skills, they often don’t need to. They should have the basic skills they need for the road ahead.

Coaching is learner centred and often problem driven, although not always. It is a more personal approach and aims to help the learner grow and develop as they explore the world and their work on their own skills with their coach. Coaching with me will start with the client and their concerns, and I introduce skills as and when they are needed. All advanced training happens in a coaching format.

Emotional Skills Coaching Options

Short term problem focussed coaching is commonly the starting point of coaching. It is an opportunity to get help with a pressing problem from a professional who is not involved. In most cases short term coaching provides the solution that people need in three hours of online coaching. Further sessions can be booked, but they are usually not required. Problems that have been brought to short term coaching are:

  • coping with bullying (frequently)
  • confidence building
  • coping with life changes
  • refocussing and planning for change

A few clients go on to developmental coaching, which is longer term and more intensive.

Developmental coaching or supervision is about growing and continuous learning. This may be professional skills or health and wellbeing focussed, or can be both.

Developmental coaching is not a replacement for therapy. Clients who need a more therapeutic relationship will be helped to identify more appropriate services and future sessions paid for in advance are reimbursed. In coaching the client comes to sessions with their own thoughts, questions and issues and the coach helps them to explore and understand the issues and to draw informed conclusions and formulate strategies for success. This is the case with my coaching, with the addition that we will explore the emotional component of events and clients must be coping well enough to cope with the challenges of the process.

Professional and Personal Development Coaching

Most of my long term coaching clients are management or professional level individuals who use coaching as a form of personal and professional development. One of the great advantages for them is that it provides a confidential service to explore the challenges of their work. As well as unique skills and techniques I can offer experience, insight and guidance on human behaviour.

Most clients tell nobody they are seeing a coach, and value to opportunity to feel safe. As one of my long terms clients once said, “You are the only person I can speak to who doesn’t want my help, my time or my job!” Having a coach who is on your side, will not judge you and will never tell you what to do, just help you reach your own decisions, is a rare and valuable advantage in adult life.

I hope this will explain the difference between the services I offer. In addition to this, as as Covid opens up the workplace, I will be offering more corporate and work based training and coaching. In the future I hope to bring group coaching back to the table too. The future of mental and physical health education, including emotional health training, is an opening road, and I hope that you will find something to help you start your learning journey here.

Best regards, Helen Campbell.

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