What is experiential learning?

EI training with Campbell Education is not about reading documents like this and writing essays. It is all about learning through personal experience; the best way of really learning anything.

When you undergo training you spend an hour listening and doing. Your coach guides you through the process step by step, waiting as you experience the events happening inside you, and watching carefully to ensure that you are succeeding. In a two way conversation you explore your inner world in ways that can be unfamiliar and surprising. You will touch on situations and events that have an effect on you, and learn to change the effect (you will not discuss the event, just the effect). Your coach (Helen Campbell) is experienced in leading you on this personal journey into your inner consciousness. If you show any signs of distress, she will easily and quickly help you remove it, permanently. The object of the exercise is that you are empowered to take care of these things yourself, not become dependant on other people.

She will show you, in order that you can do it. The aim of Basic Training is that you have a set of tools in your tool kit that enable you to detect and understand any type of negative emotion, and know how to tackle it when you do. As you learn to see negative feelings in a new way, they become signposts and stepping stones, not obstructions. You can quickly free yourself to feel good once you know how they work and what your options are.

Why are you giving your coaching away?

The information on this page is to explain and reassure, not to teach the method. Nobody, not even an experienced coach, could learn the method from these pages. The only way to learn it is to take that journey with an experienced guide; one who can take you there, and see you back safely and happily (we are all about happy). Anyone who did the course themselves, and tried to take people on that journey without full training and thorough preparation, would be a potential liability, and should be avoided*.

Experiential learning is learning from experience. Many people learn quite naturally as they live and grow, many come across these techniques by accident or as a consequence of finding coping strategies. Clients frequently share their own experiences, and compare what they did in a difficult situation with the technique they have learned. They often didn’t know that the technique was always available to them, at will, and like the rest of us, wonder why we have forgotten such fundamental skills in the distractions of modern life. “How can I not have known this?” It’s the question we all ask.

If you like the idea of trying some experiential learning you can sign up for a taster session. You will have to enrol first, to allow us to check that you are safe to travel, but there is a 30 minute taster available (£25). The session can give you a sense of how it feels to tackle a strong feeling in the moment, and experience the pleasure of an uncomfortable feeling going away. Contact the office if you like the idea, or go ahead and enrol now, and you will receive the booking link with your confirmation email.

*If in doubt about who is qualified to deliver this training just contact the office for confirmation.

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