Help! I think I’m being bullied!

Sadly bullying is endemic in our society, and most people find themselves subject to a bully at some point in their adult life. Many have come to Helen Campbell for help, and she offers a three hour, problem-focused coaching course to help understand, cope with and resolve the issue.

Identifying bullying is not always easy

It can be difficult for people to understand that what is happening to them is bullying, but once they there are things that can be done to resolve the situation. Bullying can take many forms, but whether the bully is using physical, mental of practical methods to do it, they will be undermining you by causing emotional suffering. If you are in doubt about this, do contact Helen Campbell to identify if this is what is happening to you. You can email her, send a direct message on LinkedIn or book a call with her online using the link below.

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If you have checked with her and decide to seek help with Helen you will book the Surviving Bullying course. She will help you with this if you have a problem.

Surviving Bullying

Surviving bullying is a three hour course of personal coaching designed to help victims understand and tackle what is happening to them. The three hours should be scheduled with a minimum of 48 hours between sessions to permit skill development, observation and analysis of the situation. Most clients take the course on a weekly basis.

In the first session clients discuss their situation and are guided in understanding what is happening to them. They are taught simple but powerfully effective skills to help them cope with the challenge of their bully. Each session they will be given tasks to do with a plan for the week. They will already be feeling a little better, and have the advantage of knowing that they are no longer without support. Just having someone on your side can really help.

In session two there is a chance to discuss what the new skills were able to achieve for them, and learn more skills and knowledge to apply in coping with and changing the bullying situation. These are applied and tested, and in week three there is an opportunity to look at the bigger picture. A plan is formed for moving forward. It is possible to book a fourth session if it is required, but this is not usually necessary.

Surviving bullying is tough, but not impossible

Even with a coach behind you going into a bullying situation every day is a tough thing to do. The good news if that the skills you learn in session one put you in a stronger position to cope with the emotional strain of bullying. Bullying is essentially a form of emotional terrorism. When you can cope with emotional terror more effectively, your bully loses their ability to emotionally dominate you. That is not to underestimate the danger and difficulty that being in the hands of a bully can involve. Clients will always be encouraged to approach other sources of care and protection to help minimise the risk of danger to themselves.

Most clients who have been helped in this way have resolved their issues in a way that left them at an advantage, rather than being disadvantaged by the experience. Sadly this usually involves a move of position, but when you are in control that can be a move upwards, not just out or away. Clients always go away from coaching knowing that they will be in much better shape, and well able to cope with a bully should they cross paths with one in the future.

If you wish to take advantage of the Surviving Bullying course read the terms and conditions and book a course using the links below. You will be asked to provide information on the situation when you are booking to help Helen prepare for your first session. If you wish to do this in a conversation it can be arranged with Helen, just ask. To discuss this with Helen Campbell, simply book a Zoom call here.

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