What to expect

What happens at Campbell Education?

It’s nice to have an idea of what things involve before you make a commitment. On the course pages you will find information about the courses and coaching available. You will find an explanation of how the system works and free learning resources are available in the Library. It is important to recognise that training is an experience. You don’t read it or talk about it, you do it and experience it under the guidance of your coach. While there are explanations and quotes from former clients and research participants, the only way to know about it is to sign up and try it for yourself.

If you want to learn more you can sign up for a Wednesday Webinar. There is no charge and anyone can book a place without needing to enrol. If you think that training is for you, but you are not sure what direction to take, you can book a discovery call with Helen Campbell to have a short chat about what your learning needs are.

If you have decided to do some training you need to identify what you want to work on. Do you want to focus on becoming smarter (Technical Performance Training) and focus on improving your technical skills and your performance for work, study or life in general? Alternatively you can work at a deeper level on your emotional health and wellbeing (Emotional Health Training)?
Either of these will provide an understanding of emotion and equip you with a range of skills that improve your daily life and give you more options in the future. Having a choice puts your learning priorities first. If you need to talk to someone about which will suit you, just book a Zoom discovery call with Helen.

I think I want to do this

If you think that training might be useful for you, have read the testimonials and decide to go ahead with it, what should you do?

The first step is download and complete two documents; the Application Form and the Terms and Conditions. These need to be filled in and returned to campbelleducation@btinternet.com. We will process your application within two working days (unless something dramatic happens), but it is usually the same day or the following working morning. The office is closed over the weekend and on bank holidays, over Christmas and New Year and over the Easter holidays. Please be aware that staff may be processing your application in a different time zone and will not be working British office hours.

Once your forms are processed you will receive a confirmation email and an enrolment number. Your number indicates whether you are on the standard or preferred professions tariff (PP). You will need the number to book your course, which you can do on the bookings page or by following the link on the relevant course page. PP learners will be sent the appropriate link by email.

Booking the course

To book a course select the option for the Tariff you are on and use your enrolment number to complete the process. You will pay through Stripe.

You can start with a half hour webinar to get a taste of training if you would like to. These run at least one a month and introduce the basic ideas of EI training with Campbell Education.

To try a single hour first, to see how you like it, you can book the ABC Course (EHT) or the Driving Course (TPT). These are the first sessions of the Basic courses, but work as a stand-alone sessions, and the key skills will be helpful, even if you decide not to go any further. The ABC course has been shown to significantly reduce feelings of stress and tension, and to improve feelings of control and wellbeing only a week after training. If you liked your first session and would like to learn more you can book the following two sessions with a top-up payment on the scheduler.

When you buy a course you will book the first session when you pay, and the booking will be confirmed to Helen Campbell and to yourself by email. It’s a good idea to have Zoom downloaded onto your device before you start, you will not need to buy Zoom, it is free for you to use. You will need your hands free for training, so make sure your device is free standing or securely propped on a stand (or a mug) for your session. You won’t need paper, pencils or anything else, just bring an open mind and your imagination.

Subsequent sessions are booked using the ‘Prepaid Coaching Session’ option. No charge will be made for this option, but any booking that is not already covered by a payment will be cancelled. When booking a three session course or package you should leave a minimum of 48 hours between bookings in order to allow time to practice your new techniques. Most people take their courses weekly. (and smart people book ahead to make sure they get their slot!)

If you would like to book additional sessions to increase your access to the coach you can do so using the scheduler, and there is a mini consultation option available. It gives you fifteen minutes to check up with your coach and get some help with hunting a toad or a tricky problem if you would like it, and is much cheaper than booking a whole hour. If you want to know what toad hunting is you will need Basic EH Training!

If you are experiencing problems with downloading or sending forms, accessing the scheduler or making a booking, please feel free to send an email to the address above. It may take a while to get to it, as training has priority over admin and we work in more than one time zone, but someone will get back to you as soon as possible. If you want to know more we can set up a Zoom call or ring you if you give us a phone number.

If you would just like to meet Helen Campbell she entertains for afternoon tea on Wednesdays at 4pm UK time. You can book a seat on the scheduler and bring your cup of tea (and a joke is appreciated) and say hello.

Dealing with problem issues

If you need help with a situation urgently you should book a discovery call with Helen as soon as possible. Helen will discuss the issue with you and help you to enrol if she believes that training or coaching is right for you. If she accepts you for short terms coaching she will help you tackle the problem in detail and assist you in developing a solution and a strategy for the future. You will email the office with an outline to explain the nature of the issue when registering and enrolling.

You should be aware that training and coaching are not therapy. They are suitable for people who are coping with life in general, not for people in crisis. Please contact the office for more information if you have any queries on this. Should you find you cannot cope, or the coach feels this is the case, we will help you find more suitable support.

After the ball

When you have completed training we will be in touch to check that you are well, and ask for feedback on how you found the booking process and on our services. While we always appreciate testimonials, the feedback process is part of our duty to you, and an important part of our own development process. We appreciate your input and will ask for your permission if we would like to use your feedback in any other way.

Testimonials are always nice to receive, and should be emailed to the office. Please make it clear if you want your name or initials to be included.

LinkedIn users are welcome to submit a recommendation should they wish to do so and can opt in to be included in the Campbell Education Forum group chat. LinkedIn connections should keep an eye open for special offers and research participant invitations! (Participants in research do not pay for their training.)

If you have any other queries let us know. We are here to help.

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