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Technical Performance Training for work teaches the energy skills that can empower your career. Because that’s what emotion is, it is energy, and the more control you have over your own energy the better. Emotional Intelligence skills to do that are simple, natural and they can be learned fast!

“I am so pleased. It feels like I have control over how to react, it’s not just my brain telling me how to act, I get to choose!”

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Driver training: getting your energy under control

Driver Training is the introduction to Technical Performance Training for work, and the first session in the Basic Technical Performance Training course. The vehicle you will be driving will be your own body! When you learn how to do it well, you will wonder why nobody told you how to do it before.

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“I would say it’s game-changing – it is really. You put yourself in a better position, not so much to win an argument because there’s never really a winner in an argument, you gain the tool to put your side of any dispute. When you are very angry you can say anything; you’ll just spit words out when you don’t really mean them, you might be insulting, you might say something that isn’t the truth or exaggerate something. Whereas if you are calm you can think about things a bit more; you’re taking control of what you are doing because you are calm and you’re collected.” IG Manchester

Basic Technical Performance Training

Basic TPT is a three hour training for work that covers Driver Training, Engine Tuning, and Data management. This how-to-do-it course gives you a tool kit to help you get the best out of your emotional engine and set yourself up for career success.

Taught in three one-hour Zoom calls, it is private, confidential and can be taken at a time to suit you, including in the evenings. The aim is to help you feel good, and tackle life with more skill and understanding.

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Training for Preferred Professions

Members of the armed forces, teachers, nurses, social workers and Police officers paying for their own training can take advantage of reduced rates by booking here.

Corporate and Organisational Training

Poor EI skills cause many problems in business. Equipping staff with a shared set of skills and a mutual language to allow communication and understanding of emotional events can really help. And ensuring that your managers have the soft skills to cause no harm, and to bring development to their teams, is a great strategy. Training and coaching are available for both management – and for team development.

TPT is designed for the workplace. It equips people with the essential skills to work in complex social situations. And it doesn’t involve discussing uncomfortable or embarrassing subjects. Training focuses on biological and mental processes, and on improved thinking. Nobody needs to feel obliged to share anything at all unless they wish to. Confidentiality and privacy are fundamental in Technical Performance Training for work.

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