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Emotional Health Training (EHT) reconnects you with your emotions and teaches you to take care of them. 

If that sounds scary, there is no need to worry!  Emotions are simply caused by energy in your body and the activity of your nervous system.  The whole point of training is to make sure you only experience good feelings.  You will be feeling fantastic fifteen minutes into your first hour of training.  There’s nothing scary about that!

Exploring your inner world with Campbell Education.  Beautiful, calm image of a female submerged under water.
Exploring your inner world with Campbell Education

Life can be tough at times, and takes a toll on our wellbeing.  While emotional health training will not fix you – having the right tools to fix yourself and care for your wellbeing is liberating and deeply restorative. 

Confidence in your skills leaves you ready for new adventures; having learned from the past without being scarred by it, and knowing what you want for the future.   Investing time and effort in your emotional health and wellbeing is the best thing you can do to ensure you have a quality of life you enjoy.

The ABC of Emotions

Emotional health training starts with The ABC. This one hour session taught over Zoom is a tried and tested means of improving your emotional health and wellbeing. The ABC stands alone as an introduction to emotional intelligence and to gaining control in the moment. A top up fee can be paid to continue with full Basic Training if you like it and decide to go ahead.

” I was involved in Helens research project and I’m so thankful for it. She has given me heaps of skills that I use to make me less stressed throughout my every day life. I use most of the techniques she taught me daily. I would recommend Helen to anyone wanting to get a grip on their mental well-being, it has made such a difference to me. Thank you Helen”

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Basic Emotional Health Training

Basic EHT (includes the ABC) is a three hour course which delivers a range of skills to help achieve deep and sustainable emotional wellbeing. It is not therapy, but works at a deep level to produce emotional comfort and calm control. Basic Training delivers the key skills you need to achieve a happy, emotionally healthy life.

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Anyone who can cope with life in general can benefit from learning to care for their emotional lives. Check out the materials in the Library for information on Emotional Health and wellbeing. Contact the Office and book a Zoom audio call if you would like to talk about whether it is for you. 

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