The Art of Being

A pyramid graphic showing the three phases of Just being human, a human consciously being, and a humane being.
The Art of Being involves finding balance in life.

The Art of Being is the framework that underpins education, training and coaching with Helen Campbell.

Learning for free

A range of free learning materials are already available in the library and the Campbell education blog offers insights and guidance on issues relating to emotional intelligence and wellbeing.

Paid courses online

New online courses and books are currently in development for independent study and personal growth. These will be discussed in the blog as they come onstream. Topics currently in the pipeline include an introduction to Emotional health, and How to teach your children Emotional Intelligence skills.

Live training

Live training with Helen Campbell is already available, and can be booked through the following links. There are reduced rates for teachers, nursing and health care professionals, members of the British armed forces and The Police service, please ask the office for details of the Preferred Professions Tariff.

Emotional Health Training

Life Coaching

Life coaching is an opportunity to gain professional support and guidance on your personal journey. You can take a single hour, book a short, problem focused package, or undertake ongoing coaching to help you achieve your full potential. To discuss what is right for your needs see the relevant pages or book a call to speak with Helen.

Personal Coaching

Couples Coaching

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