E.I. Basic Training with Campbell Education

Basic Emotional Intelligence Training

The Basic Course is three hours of personal training in the key skills of emotional intelligence aimed at either Improved Performance or achieving Emotional Health and Wellbeing. It is all about mind and body control, not simply a ‘why to‘ but a ‘how to do‘ training in understanding, perceiving and controlling your mind and your energy. Private, confidential and empowering, it has never been easier to learn the skills you need for life.

Campbell Education provided me with the basics of emotional intelligence and useful techniques that I will be implementing on a daily basis. The course was delivered in an informal and relaxed way that helped me to feel at ease discussing difficult topics. I highly recommend this for anyone either wanting to develop themselves or others. J C-M.   Haverford-West, Wales.

What will your future be like with EI training?

You will soon get used to feeling freer and happier than you have been. Understanding your emotional life, and describing it to yourself and others, will be easy and pain free. With practice you will cope with the emotional ups and downs of the day as easily as you manage your inbox. With thought and care, things that used to bother you will no longer feel like a problem. Events from the past that have held you back can be remembered, reviewed and removed when you come across them. With practice you will understand yourself and others with new insight, cope more creatively with stress, learn quickly from experience and you will not cast down by problems. You will wonder why you didn’t know it all before.

“Following Helen’s training I used her techniques to clear old hangups and free myself of unwanted baggage with great success. I have never looked back.” M.G. United Kingdom.

Who needs Basic Training in Emotional Intelligence?

Anyone who is currently able to function effectively can benefit from enhanced skills in daily living. You no longer need to get old to be wise, but you are never too old to improve! The great thing is that you don’t need to reveal your soul, we are dealing with the engine, not scrutinising your navigation history. If you want to discuss your problems specifically you should choose Coaching instead of Basic Training. In coaching you will explore your problems in detail in a confidential and supportive way.

Psychological Coaching is not therapy

Campbell Education does not offer therapy. Clients who cannot cope with daily life in general are not suitable for training and clients may be referred to therapeutic support if they find training too difficult. People who actively enjoy living in an emotional maelstrom are unlikely to benefit from training.

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Campbell Education Terms and Conditions July 2020

Certificate in Basic Emotional Intelligence Skills.

A completion certificate is available as evidence of continuing professional development on request. Completing Basic Training or Coaching with Campbell Education is not a qualification or a suitable professional preparation to provide psychological services.

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