Coaching in Functional English

Everyday English for business, study, or personal life

Coaching in Functional English is intended for people who have finished their school lessons, and want to learn language skills for everyday life. Lots of people want to improve their skills for practical purposes. Understanding letters and forms, writing documents for work or college, and learning to communicate for professional or social purposes. Not everyone wants to take exams in a language to learn to use it.

Coaching in English for everyday life
We all need to keep learning!

Coaching in Functional English allows you to set the goals and work with support to achieve the progress you need. You may be a student learning English for study in the UK, or an entrepreneur who finds you need to up your communications game. You and your needs will be the focus for coaching, not an exam syllabus!

Learning to make conversation, understand the culture of language, and feel confident when speaking, these are key skills for coaching. Coping with letters, writing formal and informal responses, and creating well written documents for work or for academic purposes. These are also things you may not learn in exam-based courses.

Coaching with Campbell Education means that you learn what you need, from a natural English speaker, in a way that suits you. You choose the focus, and book the sessions when you want them. No pressure, but support from an experienced teacher to help you coping with the challenges of communicating in the adult world.

Private and confidential

Not everyone is learning a second language. Many English speaking people find their existing skills are not up to scratch. They may need help with writing letters, filling in forms, and creating formal documents. AI is able to turn out answers for lots of people, but AI can be completely mistaken. Learning to write your own essays, reports, letters and social media content is a much better way to communicate well.

Coaching in English with Helen can allow you to fix your current language problems, and develop a style that will work for you. And nobody else needs to know that you have help in doing that. You may just need help in writing a cover letter, making an application, or even sending a letter to someone you love. You find the ideas, and Helen will help you find the language.

Helen M Campbell MBPsS
Helen M Campbell. MBPsS

I want to learn

If you want to learn with Campbell education, you can book your first session right away. You need to be over 16 and be ready to make a payment with Stripe when you book.

You will be given the opportunity to tell Helen what you want to achieve, and give her an idea of how you feel your language is at the moment.

Coaching costs only £25 per hour at time of publication, so you won’t find anyone to compete on price. Booking quickly is recommended as this is an introductory offer and will be not be around for long! There is also only limited time in her day for English coaching sessions, so book early rather than counting on getting an urgent appointment.. You can book a session here.

Book a session

If you need to discuss things before you commit, simply book a discovery call, and she will talk it through with you.

Please read the terms and conditions before you book, as making a booking for services requires you to agree to them. 

Please be aware that Campbell Education does not provide essays and documents for academic purposes. Proofreading for accuracy of language does not mean checking accuracy of content. We do not furnish copy for business purposes as a part of Language coaching. Please enquire about rates for copy writing and editing. We provide language coaching, and are not offering legal advice, lifestyle advice, or business coaching.

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