Emotional Health Basic Training

Basic Emotional Health Training is for people who want to develop their emotional intelligence. It delivers the skills to achieve real and sustainable emotional wellbeing. It is not therapy, but works at a deep level to achieve emotional comfort, and calm control.

Exploring your emotional health with Campbell Education
Exploring your inner world with Campbell Education

You will learn:

  • The ABC
  • How to manage and care for your emotional wellbeing
  • To learn from past experiences painlessly
  • How to remove pain from past experiences (Toad hunting)
  • How to set boundaries to protect your emotional wellbeing

The benefits of emotional health and wellbeing

People who have EH skills enjoy feelings of calm and confidence – even when life is challenging. They feel lighter and brighter and have an plenty of energy to do everything they want. They enjoy the ability to choose to do the things that make them happy, and avoid those that do the opposite! The experiences of the past are the foundations of their present wellbeing, and they learn from new experiences fast and with minimum pain. This makes them resilient, agile and resourceful in everything they do.

The basic skills for good relationships

The emotional insight developed by students makes their creative choices effective and sustainable. Remaining calm under fire, they deal with people skilfully and with compassion. Other people’s problems may be challenges, but they will not become their problems. They will be able to help in supportive ways without controlling or imposing. Emotional health training is excellent preparation for surviving family life!

Emotionally intelligent people attract good people, recognise the ones who are best kept at a distance, and enjoy happy, healthy relationships. Their excellent skills mean that they can work with people they do not enjoy in a controlled and sensible way, recognising that others are not able to do things that are simple for them. People will come to them for guidance on how to be as happy and content as they are, and will trust them to help. They wonder why people do not learn all this (everybody does).

Emotional Training is private, confidential and safe

Training shows you how to do it but you are not asked to discuss anything private or personal. Anything you do choose to share will be treated with complete confidentiality.

To help develop after training you can book a mini consultation with Helen. Fifteen minutes is plenty of time to ask a question about a skill or to get her help with a tricky exercise. You could also book onto an exercise class to practice and work on cleaning up your emotional energy. Like yoga, the more you practice, the sooner you will be doing things automatically. As a graduate of a basic course you will be able to book advanced courses to continue your journey. Everyone will know that you are doing something new. However, nobody will know what it is unless you choose to tell them.

Email: campbelleducation@btinternet.com for more information.

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