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Currently it is not possible to travel to public speaking engagements, but using Zoom it is possible to deliver talks and presentations anywhere.

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Helen Campbell can deliver talks on Emotional Health and Wellbeing and Emotionally Intelligent Culture. Other topics available on request.

Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Looking at health and wellbeing from the angle of Emotional Health can provide a fresh approach to working on our own health and happiness. The Campbell Education model of Emotional Health is simple and straightforward. It understands emotional health as a combination of internal and external factors. Internal emotional skills equip us to undertake social transactions. These exchanges support or deplete us in daily life. The model offers sensible strategies for improving our wellbeing and protecting ourselves from risks. It can be applied to a range of issues that affect different audiences and pitched to age ranges appropriately.

Emotionally Intelligent Culture

Emotionally intelligent culture is a way of living and working which understands and accepts the emotional nature of human beings. People who live in this way see emotion as a motivator, and as the diver of behaviour, rather than as a problem. A commitment to helping develop and use emotional skills, and investment in emotional health and wellbeing, are characteristics of an emotionally intelligent culture. This topic is particularly relevant to organisations and corporate life, but can be applied to most areas of human social life.

Public Speaking Sessions

Helen Campbell provides public speaking based on her own experiences. work and teaching; her talks are not intended as an academic treatise. She talks on emotional intelligence and emotional literacy, and can adapt to apply these in areas of specific interest on request.

Public speaking engagements delivered via Zoom. Please enquire by email to Find her profile on LinkedIn.

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