Emotional Skills Training? What is that?

Emotional skills training with Campbell Education is a new way to learn emotional self regulation skills that have been taught for generations. You will be learning in a new way, online for most clients, using techniques that are based on modern living.

“I took the Emotional Intelligence training course with Helen and it has definitely paid off at work and in my personal life. It has taught me how to approach and manage a variety of emotions through simple techniques that anybody is capable of practicing anywhere. Helen is a great teacher, I thoroughly recommend taking one of her courses.” JCM.

What does Emotional Skills Training do?

Emotional Skills Training shows you how your mind and body work. It teaches you to use your conscious mind to manage your body in simple and surprising ways. With practice you develop mental skills to put you in control in the moment. You also learn to deal with past pain easily and quickly. A third session will enhance and protect your mental and emotional wellbeing in the future.

You learn to see the world around you with a new understanding of how emotional energy shapes the people you meet. People’s thinking and behaviour are driven by how they feel. With good skills yourself you will be in a position to succeed in life. You will be able to understand complex emotional environments, and help others to succeed too. People with good skills are always good to be around.

What do you mean when you say … ?

At Campbell Education emotion means the physical and mental energy we have available to live with and use. Literally E-motion is the energy that moves us.

Feelings are what we have when experiencing our physical and mental energy. These experiences may be positive and enjoyable or negative and produce suffering.

Emotional skills training works at the level of energy management. It is about what is happening inside you and how you can manage that more effectively.

Nobody needs to know your secrets

One of the great advantages of emotional training is that you do not have to reveal embarrassing things about your life or your personal situation. You don’t need to share anything personal at all (although you can if you choose to take a coaching option). Life is a journey, and we are all moving forward. Training works with the engine, not the story, and the focus is on providing you with the driving skills you need to succeed. What’s on the satellite navigation system is your own business.

What are the benefits of Emotional Training?

” I was involved in Helens research project and I’m so thankful for it. She has given me heaps of skills that I use to make me less stressed throughout my every day life. I use most of the techniques she taught me daily. I would recommend Helen to anyone wanting to get a grip on their mental well-being, it has made such a difference to me. Thank you Helen. ”

The benefits of being in control of your own mind and body are different in everyone, but there is no downside to being skilled. Research over twenty years has shown that emotional skills training and coaching is effective and life enhancing. As your energy control improves, your feelings are quickly transformed to the positive. Feeling in control makes you calm, comfortable and confident in your ability to cope with life. We all need that.

You learn to understand emotion in a totally new way. As your skills develop you learn how easy it is to choose more skilfully and with better outcomes. Suffering is the experience of mental dis-order, literally things not happening as we feel they should. When you have mastery over you inner world you can remove suffering quickly and permanently. It won’t stop life from being disappointing sometimes, but you will be able to choose whether to feel disappointed, or just move on.

Here are some of the benefits of good emotional intelligence skills

  • Feel good – even in stressful situations
  • Remain un-phased by events and be resilient
  • Learn faster from experience and be agile
  • Understand yourself and others
  • Talk about emotion without embarrassment
  • Enjoy relationships that succeed
  • Be respected by others for your self control and wisdom
  • Like yourself and trust yourself
  • Be unafraid of life and confident in your ability to cope with whatever comes.

A single hour of training will transform the way you understand your emotional world, but a basic course of three hours will provide the essential skills you need for a successful life. There are two approaches to choose from.

Emotional Skills Training Range

You can choose to focus on learning skills for work and general life (TPT) or skills to achieve good emotional health and wellbeing (EHT).

Technical Performance Training teaches you how to perform more effectively in life. Designed specially to focus on situations at work it is about personal skills and personal care. TPT is suitable for work based training and highly effective in developing self control, resilience and flexibility. Corporate training may be technical performance training, although not always, it can also involve emotional health training.

Emotional Health Training goes deeper, reconnecting you with your emotional energy and exploring your inner world. EHT teaches simple skills to cope with the present, learn from and resolve past events, and plan for a happier future with the people you care about. This is useful for employees working in demanding environments that take a toll of emotional health.

Advanced training is available to those who have successfully completed basic emotional skills training. Advanced learning takes place in a coaching format which is more personal and intimate. Learners must be approved for advanced coaching.

Couples Coaching in Emotional Intelligence Skills

Emotional Skills Training    Image by RonBerg, courtesy of Pixabay
Working it out together

Couples can undertake coaching together. This is a great start to a new relationship, or more usually to explore an existing relationship in a new way. Different people respond to different styles of work, so couples coaching can involve both EHT and TPT. Couples frequently come for help when raising children and it really helps in the teenage years. However, the benefits of setting out on a life together with shared understanding are worth having too. Why not avoid potential difficulties from the start? Happy are the children of emotionally skilled parents.

Executive and management coaching

People skills have never been more important in business than they are today, and these start with personal skills. Executive and management training and coaching enable senior and mid level staff to develop the understanding and skills they need in a private and confidential setting. Coaching can develop to explore emotionally intelligent culture and can be supported with in-house training.

Who should consider taking training in emotional skills?

Young people now learn EI skills in school, which is great. However, plenty of us could benefit from brushing up our skills. The Basic course is quick, easy to learn and does not conflict with any religious or other belief systems. It is value free, except that it values the individual and their right to feel well and happy. If you believe that you deserve that, and would like to learn how, why not call to explore the possibilities.

Anyone who can cope with daily life can come for training. It is suitable for adults of all ages, and a completion certificate is available for CPD purposes. Queries about training can be raised with me in a discovery call or in a live Q&A. Book a call or attend a Wednesday evening Open House on Zoom, and meet me in person. You might want to ask about the suitability of training for you at this time, or about the advantages of Technical Training or Emotional Health Training? I am happy to help.

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