Short Term Coaching: help when you need it

Personal Coaching, help when you need it.
There are times we all need a helping hand

Sometimes life can throw us a curved ball, and we simply don’t know who to turn to. This is worse when your problem is at work or if your family are interested or involved. When you need a little help, having a professional person you can trust to be completely confidential and concerned only with your wellbeing, is great!

Having someone on your side; to help when you really need it

Your coach is not your friend (however friendly she may be) but she is on your side. She will support you while asking probing questions to get an insight into the problem. The focus will be on the emotional dynamics. Emotions lay at the root of most problems, and good solutions to all problems have to be emotionally sound. She will show you how to cope with your feelings first. Once you are feeling better she will help explore the problem and devise a new strategy for the next session. By the end of the process you should have a better understanding of the situation, good coping skills, and a new way of approaching the situation going forward.

Quick, effective and supportive help

Most problems take three one-hour sessions. It is possible to book further sessions to deal with later developments, but this is not usually necessary. Existing clients can always book additional sessions to learn more about emotional intelligence and may move on to developmental coaching if they are approved by the coach.

To discuss whether a course of short intervention coaching would help you, contact the office to book a discovery call or email here. If Helen cannot help you herself she has good connections with therapists who may be a better choice for you. And remember that all coaching and conversations are confidential. Nobody need ever know.

Would you like Helen Campbell on your side?

Finding someone you can trust matters. To get an idea of what Helen is like, you can follow her on LinkedIn or see her speaking on YouTube. To chat with her in person book a live Zoom call here and talk to her about how she can help.

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