Executive Emotional Intelligence Coaching

It’s tough at the top.

Being in business can be lonely and difficult. Coaching in emotional intelligence is the fastest way to develop the key skills that make you a good manager. But knowing who to trust and rely on can be a problem. That’s why having someone on your side who can be trusted to listen, offer insight and help develop strategy that works with real people is a valuable resource.

Good EI helps because it reduces stress and tackles anxiety at source. More than that, it helps you learn fast from experiences, and create solutions that really work with real people. Working with Helen Campbell is not about tailoring your business processes, increasing your bottom line or future proofing your business. It is about learning some of the most important skills you need for successful adult life. The fact that operating in an emotionally intelligent way can help tailor your business processes, increase your bottom line and future proof your business is a bonus.

Exploring the role of Emotion in the workplace

Helen M Campbell MBPsS  Emotional Intelligence coach and trainer
Helen M Campbell MBPsS Emotional Intelligence coach and trainer

Helen Campbell introduces you to yourself, your mind and body, and shows you how to get the very best out of yourself. She has been helping clients develop the subtle skills of emotional intelligence for over twenty years. The flexible services she offers can allow you to learn and develop these skills at whatever level of management you currently work at. Since EI is known to be the most important factor in achieving promotion, the sooner you can learn the better.

For most people the workplace is not where they would expect to show emotion. After all, business is all about heads and thinking, not about hearts and happiness. Emotion is usually perceived as a problem at work rather than an asset. This is to completely misunderstand what emotion is. Emotion is energy in motion. It is the motivational force that drives all human endeavour. Emotional intelligence coaching gives you the ability to understand and use this energy well.

Putting emotional intelligence coaching into the workplace

Emotional Intelligence coaching is more akin to engineering and technology than to hearts and flowers. The aim is to avoid problems before they occur, and empower people to recognise and tackle issues in a practical way together. The objective is to create free flowing and focused energy for work. The bonus is that all of this feels great! An organisation that operates with confidence and passion can beat any that operates on pure systems. More to the point, an organisation that fails to understand that humans are emotionally driven, diverse and reactive ‘units’ will soon run into difficulties. People are not machines, they are complex and vulnerable. That’s why emotional intelligence really helps, because it develops resistance and adaptability, and helps people to be their best selves.

Emotional intelligence coaching for creating skilful managers

People do not leave jobs, they leave managers. Low productivity, poor staff relations, absenteeism, problem sickness rates and attrition are all the fruits of poor emotional skills in both managers and employees. Failing to understand this, to act to solve problems, and to develop a great human environment, are all liabilities in the 21st century. People will no longer accept abusive employment, and the law is on their side. Social media also means that your reputation as an employer is at risk. Valuable potential employees can soon check out your record as an employer on social networks. Emotional intelligence coaching teaches you to understand how people are affected by events, and gives you the skills to correct problems. You can then unleash the abilities of your staff and win the confidence and loyalty that, if you could bottle it, would smell of money.

Learn to see the energy that powers your business

Emotional Intelligence Coaching always starts with yourself; you learn to be a skilled emotional operator. Guided by your coach you will develop a range of emotional skills and techniques that turn you from a learner driver into a racing driver. You will enjoy feelings of empowerment and confidence that few people get to enjoy, because being in control of yourself is the best form of power there is. The confidence that exudes from a person who is in control is palpable, and if you could buy it you would pay top dollar to get it. And yet confidence is free, you create it in your own mind, and emotionally intelligent people are the ones who know how.

From there you will develop the ability to read the emotions of others. Reading a room in this way can bring startling clarity to human relationships, and being able to maintain personal control means that you can rise above petty politics and keep an even keel. The person in control of the emotion in a room controls the room; a powerful skill for all managers. The more you understand how emotions work, the easier it will be to help those around you manage theirs. You will find that people around you quickly notice your self control and grow to treat you with respect and trust.

Creating the right environment for productive work

Human functioning is enhanced by an environment that makes them feel safe, accepted and valued. If they are facilitated to work in problem solving teams that respect and value their contributions people can achieve incredible things. If you want to destroy their productivity, squash their creativity and crush their spirit, just putting them in a position of threat with a bully in charge is the answer. Bullying is what people do who have not developed emotional intelligence. That may mean stepping between them and outside influences, or interpreting external demands to work intelligently with your team. If you want to see your staff flower into their best selves, give them an emotionally informed and intelligent environment and see what they can do!

Emotionally intelligent culture – what is that?

Emotionally intelligent culture is a style of living and working. It accepts and understands humans as being driven by emotions to achieve the goals that reflect their values. The emotionally intelligent manager creates a workplace where staff feel safe, accepted and valued, and are trusted to do good work with good support. Anyone who has a favourite memory of a workplace will recognise some of these factors as having being there. Most of us have experienced jobs where they have been absent. If managers are going to create turbo powered learning and working environments they need to know why they work, and how they work. That is what emotional intelligence coaching is all about.

If you are wondering whether emotionally intelligent business is worth the investment, you have missed the revolution. Emotionally intelligent business is the future. Check out the business literature for the evidence. Emotional intelligence is surprisingly simple. It can be developed very quickly with the right guidance, and there is no downside to being skilled and competent as a human being.

Creating an emotionally intelligent machine at work

It’s a whole organisation thing. Creating an oasis of calm and productivity in a larger organisation can create problems in itself. The political demon is always on the move, looking for an opportunity to stir up trouble. There are people in every organisation who will generate conflict for their own purposes. Competition between managers can lead to immature and damaging warfare that helps nobody. Emotional Intelligence offers a means to understand and manage the drivers of this behaviour, not by force, but through learning.

To fully enhance the creativity of your business EI must not be an empty chair that people tip their hats to. Asking management to create a productive and EI powered environment, while raining them with demands and threatening emails, is a total waste of time. That is why emotional intelligence should be introduced to a company in stages. Education and skill development starts at the top and cascades. What you are offering is a new way of understanding human activity. Unlocking the learning and productivity of your staff, and starting with personal learning, are the keys to success.

Being happy and healthy beats stress and anxiety!

People with good EI do not suffer stress and anxiety, or hide from painful truths. They are consistent, creative and have a problem solving orientation. Mental and emotional health and wellbeing mean fewer sick days and greater productivity at work. They have the skills to work with other people skilfully and empathically. When managers have developed these skills, either in coaching or in group training, they are ready to encourage and empower their staff in the same way. Teams work effectively and supportively, and will be loyal to one another and the business. There are no down sides to emotional intelligence, and many common problems will simply be resolved as they arise.

Getting started in emotional Intelligence coaching

If you want to know more about emotional training and coaching before committing to executive coaching, you can start off with a basic training course. You can choose between courses in technical performance skills or emotional health based training. In three hours you can kick start your learning in personal skills, and quickly understand how these skills, or the lack of them, impact on your workplace. To discuss any aspect of training or coaching, and identify whether a health approach or a technical performance approach is better for you, just contact Helen through the web page. She can introduce you to the world of human emotions in a Zoom discovery call. It may be the best call you ever made.

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