Staff training in Emotional Intelligence Skills

Staff training in emotional skills – not just for the sales team!

People who have emotional self-regulation skills are able to manage themselves well under pressure. They are resilient, fast learners who can adapt quickly, and they work well in teams. Businesses have quickly realised that emotional skills training is a powerful way to equip sales people to increase performance. Emotional intelligence is also important in customer service and resolution settings, so they get support too. These days the importance of EI in all areas of business is making emotional skills training for staff a popular choice. This is because psychology shows that being able to manage emotional events is essential in life. It is the difference between success and failure in business. Team building that empowers people to share and learn emotional intelligence skills together is a complete game changer, and it has never been easier to learn.

Emotional Intelligence Training – win – win – win

There are no downsides to learning how to understand and control what happens in your body. Emotionally intelligent people are;

  • competent, resilient, fast learners and good communicators
  • enjoy better health and wellbeing in every way that matters
  • they understand themselves and other people and can work with them in ways that are accepting, creative and sustainable
  • recognise interpersonal problems before they happen
  • take sensible and supportive actions to avoid crises, deal with practical issues and support their team while they get through the problem
  • understand people at a deep level and know how they will be impacted by events and systems
  • Customers will ask for them by name, trust them to help, and will develop loyalty to them

Staff training in emotional skills – What’s not to like?

Staff may have been working together for some time, but still have few points of interest in common. One thing they probably do have in common is that they have never been introduced to emotional intelligence training; very few people have. The idea may be a little daunting for some, but for younger people it is less unusual. The idea of investing in wellbeing is popular since the pandemic forced us to acknowledge that mental and emotional health matters too. Choosing to invest in training that enhances your staff’s emotional wellbeing, while building a sense of shared experience and trust, is a great option.

Emotional skills training – Why does it matter?

Poor EI skills are a source of serious problems in businesses, and in all organisations that rely on human relationships. People with poorly developed emotional skills are:-

  • insensitive to what is going on around them, they miss what others pick up on
  • emotionally reactive, they over-react to small things and make a fuss
  • easily stressed and anxious
  • can shut down or go into defensive or aggressive modes when challenged
  • have poor personnel management skills
  • have little understanding of the impact of their behaviour or decisions on others
  • are rigid, inflexible and slow to learn from experience
  • will be the bullies or the bullied

A surprisingly small number of simple, technical skills form the foundations of emotional intelligence. Helen Campbell teaches these skills in a simple, technical way in live workshops and online. Training has been designed with men in mind, but anyone who is able to function normally from day to day can do well. Everyone wins when everyone is skilful in energy management.

Staff training – Building emotionally intelligent culture

Team or group training provides a common understanding, a shared language, and a set of skills and techniques that can be applied usefully in the working environment. Staff training in emotional intelligence is active, it is experiential learning, not bookwork or slides. Staff will be helping one another learn and practice intelligence skills. The material is interesting and the learning enjoyable. It works fast and is powerfully helpful. Once they have learned together and understand how energy shapes the daily life of the team, they will soon see that it is in everyone’s interests to do it well. This is the definition of emotionally intelligent culture.

Emotional skills training – Want to know more?

The Library on the Campbell Education website is a source of free information on emotional intelligence the Campbell Education way. Be warned, it is not the usual approach, and staff training for emotional intelligence skills is no exception. Helen Campbell has been studying and training in EI skills for over twenty years. Her work is based on her own research, and you won’t find her skills and techniques anywhere else.

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