Learning to learn is a lifelong journey.

Lifelong Learning has never been more necessary

Only children believe that learning stops when you leave school. Adults recognise that being able to learn new things and update our skills fast is an essential part of modern life. The only thing that stops when you leave school is easy access to a range of professional people whose purpose in life is to help you learn.

Adult learners have to learn to learn independently. This means knowing how adult learning happens, and being your own teacher.

Learning to learn with Campbell Education

Campbell Education is extending the range of learning materials available for visiting and enrolled learners. Free, open access materials are located in the Library, and enrolled learners will have access to The Learning Zone, where free and paid materials, courses and coaching will be available.

New materials are coming online every week, so keep a note of the name, and make sure you develop into a skilful and efficient independent learner!

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