Learning to Learn – the challenge of the 21st century

Learning online
Learning online is the new way of continuing your education.

“Learning to learn is not a new challenge! Being an independent learner has always been the aim of good education!”

Yes, I agree, but I would argue that it has never been more important than it is now. People who cannot learn and change in response to the ever-moving demands of technology are falling behind in the competitive world of the 21st century.

The demand for constant change

The speed with which technology has changed the world is breath taking. Many of us who are still working remember a time when computers were only to be found in large organisations. The idea that we might be walking around with one in our pocket or on our wrist was the stuff of science fiction. We have been transformed by the internet, and we no sooner learn one new skill than it changes and requires updating or replacing. This is why it matters for us all to learn how to develop knowledge, think ahead, and be ready to relearn as well as we possibly can.

As adults we do not have teachers around to help us. The aim of Campbell Education is to bring leaning to adults to help them: not by teaching them subjects or preparing them for examinations, but showing them how to be a learner!

TPT training online
Confidential online training

The Campbell Education website is full of learning resources to help adults to develop their knowledge and skills and become a self-driven super-learner!

Free materials for learning

Campbell Education has been developing the range of free materials, and will soon be offering paid online-courses in addition to the training and coaching already available from me. If you are looking for free materials you can track them down in two places. Links are provided here to help you access them easily.

The Library

Campbell Education is a little bit like a college. In the Library you will find documents and learning materials that talk about a range of aspects of education and learning. Do you want to know what the philosophy of Campbell Education is? You will find it in the essays and in literature there; materials that define and outline particular aspects of learning. These are always in development, so it is worth keeping an eye on the reading lists.

The Learning Zone

Things have changed at Campbell Education, and one of the biggest changes is the movement from a document based enrolment to an automated system. The beauty of the new system is that it allows people to buy goods ands services immediately. That means no more waiting for enrolment numbers and passwords. Anyone can now access the learning Zone and take advantage of the materials there.

There is still a password protected student zone for coaching clients to access support when they wish to, but other than that, all areas are now open!

There are three main rooms:

Widening access to learning

As new materials come online they will include a range of paid on-line courses which are also in development. Learners will be able to buy them, online books and physical workbooks through the Learning Zone.

They can already book live training and coaching with me there, and the new system makes this easier than ever before. Whether you are looking for free guidance, a paid course or learning materials, or a live face to face with me online – there will be something there to get you thinking and push the boundaries for you. Why not give it a try?

Helen M Campbell MBPsS
Helen M Campbell. MBPsS

The only thing you really cannot afford to do is fail to invest time and effort in yourself and your skills. Not just because learning to enjoy learning is one of the most powerful ways to improve the quality and standard of your life there is. The option is to grow redundant before you are ready to hang up your tools.

And you never know – you might quite like it!

Helen Campbell. April 2022.

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